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    NCECA 2011 - Tidal Forces: The Next Wave
    Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida
    March 30 - April 2, 2011

    Sane voice in a hurricane of hypocrisy
    to address NCECA Conference

    NCECA's Program Chair Steve Hilton and On-Site Conference Liaisons Brian Ransom and Anna Calluori-Holcombe are thrilled to announce that Carl Hiaasen has agreed to provide the keynote address for the upcoming conference in Tampa- St. Pete.

    The bestselling novelist and journalist, recognized as one of South Florida's most vital natural resources, writes in a comic style -- Hiaasenesque -- that combines thrilling plot lines, blunder-prone schemes, headstrong men and women, corrupt politicians, and a loving nod to the natural landscape of South Florida. Hiaasen has said, "Humor can be an incredible, lacerating and effective weapon." His targets-- celebrity, hypocrisy, corruption, wanton environmental disregard-- are bound to resonate with NCECA's audience. If you were sitting on the edge of your decision about whether to attend the upcoming conference, perhaps this programming addition will help in your decision. Visit the link below for more information on conference programming and registration.

    NCECA Tampa/St Peterburg 2011 conference

    Projects Space Videographer Opportunity

    NCECA seeks a qualified videographer to document Projects Space artists' creative work and interactions with the public during the 45th Annual NCECA Conference at the Tampa Convention Center. The videographer must use their own equipment including HD Camera, lighting and external microphone in order to produce quality content for future NCECA use as conference documentation, reporting, promotion and future requests for support. All resulting footage, production and distribution rights will be exclusively owned by NCECA.

    Projects Space- Migration includes ten artists whose conceptual and material conversation takes them beyond the confines of their kiln were selected by jurors Portico Bowman, John Bryd and Linda Ganstrom. Each artist received a raw 10' x 20' space to present a live site-specific installation or performative artwork exploring the theme of migration. Projects Space is intended to act as a platform for experimental and innovative work that expands the contemporary ceramic field.

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