PAR Mail 2017-242 | November 28, 2017

Good Afternoon
Time is of the essence this week as the United States Senate is poised to vote on its version of a Tax Cut bill.

As currently written, there are major problem areas within the bill which has resulted in most disability organizations, including ANCOR, our national ID/A trade association, opposing the bill.

ANCOR urges rejection of both the House and Senate Tax bills because of their impacts on several key issues to ID/A providers, including:

  • changes to the charitable tax deduction,
  • impacts on state and local taxes that some states rely on for I/DD funding,
  • removal of the medical expense tax deduction in the House bill, and
  • the high potential of the tax bill deficit to be paid for from cuts to Medicaid I/DD programs.

The Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation and the Congressional Budget Office have produced reports that indicate that the tax bill is skewed towards higher earners with less benefits for middle and lower income families, some that benefits expiring within a few years.

In addition, ANCOR's coalition partners in the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) are urging all those with a stake in I/DD issues to call their Senators this week through the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 to speak up for Medicaid . CCD is also co-sponsoring with The Arc, the Center for Public Representation and other disability organizations a National Disability Community Call in Day to Congress on Wednesday, 11/29/17. More information on the CCD Call in Day can be found here.

To reach Senator Pat Toomey, please call: 202-224-4254 or 814-453-3010.

To reach Senator Bob Casey , please call: 202-224-6324 or 717-231-7540.

For talking points see ANCOR's action alert (also linked above).

It is important for PAR and ANCOR members to note as well that the Administration has indicated that following tax reform efforts, welfare reform could be the next topic addressed.