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Tax Highlights 2013 | A Day Conference
Tuesday 12 November 2013
08:45 - 16:30 | Intercontinental Hotel
Josef Mercieca, Dr Ramona Azzopardi, Matthew Zampa, Dr Robert Attard
08:45 | Registration & Welcome Coffee Break


9:00 | The New Beneficial Tax Schemes & Changes to Capital Gains Rules

Josef Mercieca

In March 2013 a number of new legal notices were enacted to introduce two particular schemes to incentivise individuals to contribute in the Maltese employment sector. One of the schemes is meant to non-domiciled employees working in the innovation and creativity industry (particularly digital games), whilst the other one is meant to attract previously residents persons, established themselves in a filed of excellence, to return to employment in Malta.The session will also go through the changes made in the capital gains rules in the determination of the market value of shares transferred.Additionally we shall also discuss the micro loan guarantees introduced by the Malta Enterprise and the new Ruling and request for Exemption mechanism applicable for mergers and divisions which although made for bona fide commercial reasons do not qualify for any particular exemption.


10:30 | Mid-Morning Coffee Break


10:45 | Taxation in Europe - Recent Developments

Dr Ramona Azzopardi

The aim of the session is to highlight recent tax developments made at EU level and their possible impact on EU Member States. We shall be considering the latest proposals being made by the European Commission and other EU documents for the harmonization and coordination of tax within the EU, including the recent proposal by the European Commission to amend Directive 2011/16/EU as regards mandatory automatic exchange of information in the field of taxation, as well as updates to earlier European Commission proposals such as the proposal on Financial Transaction Tax.


12:15 | Working Lunch


13:15 | VAT Update - 2013 Changes & Beyond

Matthew Zampa

During the course of the session we shall be going through the changes that came into force as of 1 January 2013.  Particularly we shall be focusing on the changes applicable to the hiring of means of transport and the implementation of the invoicing directive into our local legislation. We will also go through the changes to the place of supply of electronically supplied services which will take effect on 1 January 2015.


14:45 | Mid-Afternoon Coffee Break


15:00 | Recent Tax Cases

Dr Robert Attard

The session will discuss major tax judgements delivered in the course of 2013. The Administrative Tribunal, the First Hall Civil Court and the Court of Criminal Appeal have delivered a number of important judgements relating to the personal liability of directors for unpaid VAT, tax due under the FSS Rules, administrative penalties and interest. A number of these judgements refers to operators in the financial services industry.  


16:30 | Close of Conference
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