The Kentucky Agriculture & Environment in the Classroom encourages teachers to integrate agriculture into every day lessons. Let's be honest. We cannot live without it, so why not remind our students how farming touches our lives and will impact their future?

I get it. You may have limited time to deviate from what you are required to teach.  BUT, if you can squeeze in just one day to tell your students how our farmers feed, fuel and clothe them, March 21 is the day!  

Please consider helping us spread the good news about agriculture on National Ag Day by utilizing one of these Kentucky Academic Standards-aligned lessons or resources.

Watch a Kentucky Farms Feed Me Virtual Field Trip

While the Kentucky State Fair won't be coming back around until August, this virtual field trip to our fair gives a great overview of Kentucky agriculture and meets academic expectations in primary/intermediate social studies and practical living/vocational studies. Did you know that state and county fairs were organized in the early 1800s to celebrate local agriculture? That tradition continues today. 

Click on the image to view the video. It should play without issue at schools since it is embedded on the site. You may also download this video by clicking on the "down arrow" located at the bottom right of the video screen.  

Corresponding lessons and activities can be  downloaded here , and include:
  • Ice breaker questions
  • Video comprehension questions or "Things I May See on a Kentucky Farm" worksheet
  • Primary Activity: "Where Does That Product Come From" Activity Sheets - Students will make connections from Farm to Table. 
  • Intermediate Activity: Agriculture Where I Live - Students will analyze agriculture data in their county to understand the local impact.
Learn How Kentucky Meets our Needs Through Agriculture and Natural Resources

We developed a lesson called "My Kentucky Home Provides What I Need" that meets academic expectations in 4th grade social studies, and practical living/vocational studies for grades 3-12. Students will also learn about natural resources and human impact on the earth (NGSS ESS3.A: Natural Resources, ESS3.C: Human Impacts on Earth Systems).

Play Linking Farm to Table

It's a lesson about finding food origins disguised as a game that aligns to standards in practical living/vocational studies and science (ecosystems and energy transfer). Students will work together to find farm connections to their favorite meal. It get kids out of their seats and thinking about where their food comes from.  The cards to this game are available for purchase at our  ALN Resource Store , or it is one of the newest items we provide to teachers in our  Sponsor-A-Classroom program .

Participate in the Kentucky Agriculture Poster and Essay Contest

2017 Theme is "Kentucky Farmers Feed the Hungry"
26 Students will Win $100 Each. Teachers will Win Ag Literacy Curriculum.

Students in Grades K-12 may submit an essay, poster, or digital artwork for the contest we co-sponsor with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. This year's theme is Kentucky Farmers Feed the Hungry. Winning students will receive a $100 prize, and teacher's of those students will receive a Basic Sponsor a Classroom Ag Literacy Kit. 

The entry deadline is April 7, 2017. 
Invite a Farmer or Agribusiness Professional to Your Classroom

We have a number of wonderful volunteers who are willing to come into classrooms to speak about what they do to help put food on tables.  Check out our list of Agriculture Literacy Network members  and we can provide you with a list of contacts within your community.

Let Us Know How You're Celebrating

If you plan to celebrate National Ag Day in your classroom, and we hope that you do, please let us know your plans or  share a photo  on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag  #teachkyag . Any photos shared will be entered into a drawing for one of 10 "Blessed" t-shirts or tote bags.   

And as always, feel free to contact us if you need any help finding resources or ideas. 

Thank you to all those that labor to feed America and thank you to all who support those farmers through various sectors of the agriculture industry.  

Thank you to those that educate and advocate for agriculture and agriculture literacy.  

Thank you to the teachers who strive to teach th e youth of America the source of their food and clothing and the importance of this industry.  

For agriculture to survive and thrive, all of  the small pieces of the puzzle are vital.   

E.M. Tiffany said it best in 1930 when he penned the FFA creed:  "I believe that American agriculture can and will hold true to the best traditions of our national life and that I can exert an influence in my home and community which will stand solid for my part in that inspiring task."

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