Kentucky Agriculture and Environment in the Classroom is so excited about this new school year!  We hope you are excited as well.  We have brand-new resources, lessons that have updated standards, and some of our old favorite resources that are continuously being improved. All lessons are aligned to current Kentucky Academic Standards. 


Take your students on a virtual field trip through our Kentucky Farms Feed Me Virtual Field Trip Series.  Visit eight Kentucky farms through each video. The videos work great on their own, but there is also a collection of science, social studies, reading, math, practical living and vocational studies activities for various grade levels that correspond with the videos. Consider having a #FarmFriday this fall, and take a field trip each week!

NEW! Grades 3-8 and HS Enrichment

Students will learn how a farm is an ecosystem, identify the parts of the farm ecosystem and how they interact and depend on one another, identify the producers and consumers in a farm ecosystem, model the food chain/food web within a farm ecosystem, learn how changes affect the farm ecosystem and availability of food, identify the natural resources in a farm ecosystem and ways to protect them, and understand the size of their personal ecosystem.
Sponsored teachers receive all materials for this lesson.

Grades 5+ - Economics

Developed for the Kentucky Corn Growers Association, this lesson has students plan and produce a theoretical crop of corn to learn economic concepts, use their math skills, make decisions, and understand the risks of farming and depending upon nature. Teachers in our Sponsor a Classroom program receive the materials for this activity, you can purchase them here, or you can print out your own. 

Grade 4 & Secondary Enrichment

This is an old favorite. Students will learn how topographic, geologic, and natural resource availability affect agriculture production in the Commonwealth. 

Visit our  Teacher Resources  page for more fun ideas. And from what we have been told, we have an AMAZING Pinterest page for many more ways to integrate agriculture into your everyday classroom!

Kentucky Agriculture and Environment in the Classroom

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