Teacher Appreciation Week 
at BCA       May 8 - 12

See How We Will Treat Our Teachers and Staff to a Great Week Every Day between May 8 - 12! 


It's Teacher Appreciation Week at BCA! We have the best teachers in town! They truly love our children. They challenge them daily to learn and grow, not only academically, but spiritually as well. 

Show them how much you appreciate them next week by sending in special treats each day. The theme for each day is listed below as well as a few preferences for your child's teacher (see attachments below.) 

The PTL will be providing lunch each day next week.  If someone would like to volunteer during lunch to give the teachers a break, please contact PTL President, Christy Rodgers at  (423) 413-5832.
Monday - Card Day 
- Have your child write a letter, draw a picture, or make a card for their teacher telling them how much they appreciate them.

Tuesday - Drink Day 
- Bring your teacher their favorite drink, morning coffee, or an afternoon milkshake or Icee.

Wednesday - Sweets/Fruit Day 
- Bring your teacher their favorite candy or fruit to let them know how sweet they are.

Thursday - Snack Day  - Bring your teacher their favorite snack to let them know you've got their back.

Friday - Gift Card Day 
- Bring your teacher a gift card to treat them to dinner out, a mani/pedi, a drink from Starbucks or Sonic, or anywhere to show them you appreciate all they've done this year.

If you would like to purchase personal gifts for your child's teacher(s), and need hints on their preferences of favorite things, please see below for attachments of these lists by class/grade.