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Effective teachers are considered the biggest in-school factor related to student success. Yet in most school districts, teachers are not compensated adequately, strategically, or sustainably. Do More, Add More, Earn More, a new publication ERS recently released with the Center for American Progress, highlights 10 "first mover" districts that have made bold moves and redesigned their compensation systems to achieve district goals while keeping their finances solvent. 

In this newsletter, we also share with you Karen Hawley Miles' recent commentary on the importance of annual statewide testing in federal legislation, and news from Georgia's education reform efforts. 

Do More, Add More, Earn More
Teacher Salary Redesign Lessons from 10
First-Mover Districts

Covered in National Journal and Education Week's Teacher Beat blog, this report explores how 10 districts from across the country have addressed issues such as:

  • Base salary
  • Teacher effectiveness
  • Career pathway opportunities
  • And several more...

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As Congress works to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, there has been much discussion about the value of annual statewide testing. Karen Hawley Miles argues that such assessments provide states, districts, and schools with crucial information for improvement.

Rethinking People, Time, and Money in Georgia
Georgia is on the cusp of potentially far-reaching changes. In December 2014, ERS delivered to the Georgia Department of Education two reports highlighting key opportunities to realign resources for student success. In January 2015 the governor called for an Education Reform Commission to examine thorny issues from teacher compensation to funding. The questions Georgia now grapples with should be familiar to many states.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supported the Boston Consulting Group to research the state of teacher professional development today. ERS' research contributed to the thinking in the report.

ERS is collaborating with Citizen Schools on a report about how to enable expanded learning time. Attend the summit hosted on April 21 by Citizen Schools and several other organizations to discuss ELT at length.

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