Team USA Newsletter : Issue #4 : July 17th
UCI updated the schedule today and it's available via the link below on the Rock Hill website.

Please note the first time the track is open to the public if 4PM on Saturday July 22nd for riders and spectators to view the track.  Do not come to the track before this time as those are not public events.

Team USA has been given 2 practice sessions each day.  We will be practicing by age group with the following breakdown:


Team USA Practice 10:10AM-1:15PM
12 & Under Practice 10:10AM-11:40AM

13 & Over Practice 11:45AM-1:15PM


Team USA Practice 7AM-10:05AM

12 & Under Practice 7AM-8:30AM

13 & Over Practice 8:35AM-10:05AM 

You will be able to practice either size bicycle within this practice.  Please arrive 1 hour before the start of your practice to the athlete team area.
Team USA Schedule