The Round Flow Sensing Cassette is ideal for open room applications such as classrooms, offices, and other rooms where an adaptive comfort control is preferred. The Round Flow Sensing cassette provides unprecedented comfort level, energy efficiency and flexibility due to configurable airflow patterns and triple room sensors (air temperature, floor temperature, and occupancy).

With 23 different air flow patterns it is possible to achieve 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way flow patterns, for installation in corners, next to walls, or in long or irregularly shaped rooms. The flaps can be easily closed via the Navigation Controller.  

Self-Cleaning Filter Panel & Single Zone VAV

Daikin's round flow cassette can be equipped with a special filter that cleans itself once a day.  While the new DC Fan Motor provides fan speed logic based on ∆T of Room Set point, providing Single Zone VAV operation. Result? Efficiency gains up to 50% compared to standard panels.


Floor Sensors

To optimize your comfort, the round flow cassette is equipped with an optional floor sensor. The floor sensor ensures even temperature distribution between ceiling and floor. Drafts and cold feet are a thing of the past!


Daikin's round flow cassette provides optimum comfort and efficiency. An optional presence sensor saves you up to 27% energy use and allows the system to dynamically respond to room occupancy.