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The optional DZK increases the flexibility of Daikin VRV and SkyAir systems by adding a Zoning Box to an indoor unit fan coil (FXMQ_P or FBQ_P series) allowing several separate ducts to supply air to different individually controlled zones in the building.
  • A zone can be a room, part of a room, or several rooms.
  • Daikin's exclusive DZK integrated VRV capacity control saves operational cost over legacy zoning system.
  • The Daikin DZK includes a multi-zone actuated damper control box, main control thermostat and wireless zone thermostats
  • A very cost effective solution for meeting small zone load and/or refrigerant safety requirements.

Main Thermostat (DZK-MTS-1) -

The main DZK touchscreen thermostat features intuitive colored icon selection and easy text menus for scheduling, Heat/Cool selection, multi-zone temperature displays and values for the entire system.

Wireless Thermostat (DZK-ZTS-1) -
The wireless backlit touch-screen thermostat in the DZK can control the temperature for a zone while displaying the air temperature, system time, and day of the week. Additional functions include adjusting set point temperature, automatic configuration, local ventilation activation, and vacation mode.

Zoning Box with Controls (Model depends on unit) -
The Zoning Box in the Daikin Zoning Kit mounts easily on Daikin's Indoor Unit FXMQ_P or FBQ_P series fan coils. It consists of the enclosure, individually motorized dampers, and a control box. It is available in different sizes and damper configurations, and by utilizing ducts for air supply it can be used to control the air temperature in up to 6 zones. The main thermostat and the wireless thermostats provide temperature inputs and user interfaces for programming and adjustment of the control functions for each zone.

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