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JUNE 2016
Technion Professor, Amir Orian 
Curing Cancer the Israeli Way: 
How Technion is Leading the Fight

Professor Amir Orian
Faculty of Medicine
On May 19th, Professor Orian spent the day in the Scottsdale area meeting with interested Technion donors and engaging a large audience in a lively discussion about cancer and cancer research. 

Prof. Orian is a key member of Technion's Integrated Cancer Center and explained how the many varied disciplines work together to tackle cancer from every possible angle.

The idea of the Integrated Cancer Center (TICC) was born out of discussions among existing cancer researchers in the Faculty of Medicine - Professors Aaron Ciechanover, Gera Neufeld, Israel Vlodavsky and Amir Orian. "We already do everything together, from educating the students to buying equipment, conducting seminars and co-publishing papers," explains Prof. Orian, who studies common fruit flies for insights into human cancer. Their joint efforts have led to at least five different compounds that are currently in different stages of clinical trials.*

The disciplines working together in the TICC are the Faculty of Medicine with its life sciences research, Computer Science processing large data sets, Electrical Engineering and Physics developing devices for diagnoses and imaging, and Mathematics creating new algorithms.

For more information about Technion's Integrated Cancer Center, 
The Joan & Irwin Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute
Honors It's First Graduating Class

On May 29th, at the Cornell University Ithaca campus, the Joan & Irwin Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute held it's first (ever) graduating ceremony. The Institute's twelve graduates from six different countries received two degrees each, one from Technion and one from Cornell. Each graduate achieved their MS in Information Systems with a concentration in Connective Media, a one-of-a-kind master's program combining disciplines of technology, media, sociology and business. 

Meet the 2016 Graduates

"These graduating entrepreneurs are armed with the knowledge and experience in areas that are vital to the City's economic health, and the betterment of society as a whole," said Professor Adam Shwartz, director of the Jacobs Institute. "We look forward with anticipation to the great things they will accomplish and their impact on the economy, as well as the startups they will launch in New York City and beyond."  ( more )


Drug-Carrying "nanoghosts" that Battle Melanoma

NYU'S Permutter Cancer Center & the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology launched a global cancer research initiative. I n their first joint collaboration, NYU Langone and Technion researchers will test the ability of a nanotechnology based on stem cell "nanoghosts" to deliver to the brain a promising treatment for metastatic melanoma; skin cancer that has spread or metastasized, and is often incurable.

Nanoghosts: A naturally targeted drug and gene delivery system
Professor Marcelle Machluf, who visited the Phoenix/Scottsdale area just last November, explains that their " studies should provide important information on nanoghosts' general value as drug and gene carriers to the brain, and create potential for new treatment approaches against brain tumors and metastases." Professor Machluf, PhD, is the head of the Laboratory for Cancer Drug Delivery & Cell Based Technologies at the Technion, and is inventor of the nanoghost with her colleagues there. 

"The difficulty of delivering agents to the brain represents a major impediment to improving outcomes in patients suffering from brain tumors. Our state-of-the-art nanovehicle promises safer, simpler and more clinically relevant treatments than existing vehicles, which are comprised of polymers or synthetic vesicles which largely lack the ability to enter the brain and to target evolving and changing pathologies," stated Professor Machluf. 

To learn more about the NYU - Technion collaboration and research, click here.

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