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Festo Servo Press Kit - YJKP Series
For Electrical Press-fitting Applications

The YJKP Servo Press Kit consists of modular operating software and harmonized standard Festo components. With electric spindle drive, motor, motor controller, force sensor and control system, you have everything you need for electric press-fitting applications up to 17 kN. All you have to do is integrate it into your press-fitting application.
  • Less expensive than conventional press-fitting systems
  • Pre-assembled system kit comprising software, controller and standard components from Festo
  • Easy to integrate into your system
  • Pre-installed software: ready to use straightaway and intuitive to parameterize 
ClickSmart Family of Gripper Kits

End-of-arm tooling for Sawyer Robots
We are excited to announce the ClickSmart™ family of gripper kits, a unique solution for end-of-arm tooling for Sawyer that incorporates smart sensing and rapid swapping capabilities, resulting in the first fully integrated robotic solution available on the market through a single vendor.
Rethink's complete solution continues to simplify robot deployments. When the ClickSmart Plate is attached to any Sawyer robot, it will immediately recognize the type of end-effector and know how to control it. 
  • Vacuum Foam Gripper
  • Vacuum Large Gripper
  • Vacuum Small Gripper
  • Pneumatic Large Gripper
  • Pneumatic Small Gripper 
Make Sure Your RFID System is

Answer 3 questions
With the recent widespread adoption of RFID technology in manufacturing plants Balluff has encountered quite a number of customers who feel like they have been "trapped" by the technology. 

The most common issue is their current system cannot handle the increase in the requirements of the production line. In a nutshell, their system isn't scalable. Your RFID system should be viable for much longer if a few simple questions can be answered up front.

VISOR® Multishot renders even the smallest height differences visible
Track & Trace of Plastic Parts

Raised or recessed object details - such as embossed digits and characters on a credit card - are difficult to detect with standard image processing methods. Even use of lateral lighting generally results in poorly identifiable contours due to overexposure and shadows. We have remedied this situation by equipping our VISOR® series of vision sensors with the new multishot function.

Contours now stand out clearly so that raised or recessed letters and digits can be easily read, e.g. using the vision sensor's OCR function. The result is a dependable solution for identifying and tracking any type of plastic component - powered by SensoPart.   Other application examples for VISOR® Multishot are:
  • Reading of data matrix codes molded directly into plastic surfaces
  • Detection of damage such as dents or scratches
  • Recognition of raised adhesive beads on the same colored background
  • Elimination of changing backgrounds (e.g. in packaging industry)
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