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Balluff Infrared Temperature Sensor with IO-Link
Innovative technology to detect hot objects

Balluff's Infrared Temperature Sensor allows monitoring high temperatures without contact in inaccessible or harsh environments. Temperatures of hot objects that are moving can be reliably monitored.
Housed in a rugged M30 stainless steel housing with IP67 protection this sensor features a multi-function display with auto-rotation.
Enhanced functionality and IO-Link connectivity allows this sensor to solve a wide range of applications

Fieldbus Module CTEU

Inexpensive fieldbus connection for the price of a multi-pin interface
CTEU fieldbus modules, available in a variety of protocols, are compatible with Festo devices with IO-Link interface which can be used as a direct connection to valve terminals or part of a gateway system; the system can easily be serviced with built-in diagnostics.
Use in combination with CTEL or CPAC for economical installation of decentralized input modules and valve terminals with short tubing, short-cycle times and low energy consumption .
The flexibility of the IO-Link interface allows the CTEU node to easily be connected to several Festo valve terminals such as the VTUG, MPA-L, and CPV

FXP/FMP Vacuum Area Gripping Systems

Universal grippers for handling different workpieces
The vacuum area gripping systems FXP and FMP guarantee maximum flexibility during automated handling processes. This universal gripper makes automated palletizing, depalletizing, order picking and sorting of the most varied goods in varying dimensions with only one gripper possible. Workpieces made from the most varied materials, such as carton, wood, metal sheets (dry) and plastic, both with and without cut-outs, can be handled.
A benchmark test indicates that the FXP / FMP series from Schmalz generates an 86 % higher suction force on average than comparable grippers on the market. This is due to innovate features such as vacuum boosters, leak-free check valves and sealing foam with high suction cell density.

GAM Introduces the SPH Flange Gearbox
Our first high performance inline flange gearbox

The SPH Flange (SPH-F) is the first high performance inline flange gearbox from GAM.  Based around high precision helical gear technology, the SPH Flange is produced to the elevated standard of quality and reliability customers have come to expect from GAM's SPH product line.  The helical gears are precision cut and ground for extremely quiet and smooth torque transmission with a standard backlash rating of <3 arcmin for single stage ratios.  For applications that require more precision, the gearbox can assembled for further reduced backlash at <1 arcmin. 
The compact SPH-F gearbox can be used when space is limited and the ISO 9409 compatible output flange allows for easy mounting of machine elements such as pinions, pulleys, or other adapters.

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TM Robotics Introduces their NEW TVM 6-Axis Robot Series

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