Permaganic Eco Garden Youth Internship Program Needs Your Voice!

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Help us get city Council's attention!
Join Our Cause
The  Eco Garden Youth Internship Program has used the same location since 1998, at 1718 Main St.  We need people to stand up and say "We Support the Eco Garden Staying in its Current Location! "  We, the staff, board members, neighbors, volunteers, or fans of the Eco Garden think this priceless treasure will only enhance the "g.q." (green quotient) of the incoming Citirama(R) condo development.  Let's all come to the table and work together for a win-win-win for ALL Cincinnati's residents!

 Write a Letter of Support!
Let City Council know that you as a resident or neighbor place a high value on the location of the Eco Garden remaining stable, for the kids we serve.  
Reasons why:
*stable "sense of place" for transient/high need population of youth
*a perfect location for Rothenberg students to continue gardening all summer
*teenage interns take pride in the garden that they have created
*priceless volunteer sweat-equity in building shelters and installing perennials
*Enhance the Green image Cincinnati wants to uphold!

Come Speak at City Hall
This Tues, March 5, at noon, the Eco Garden is presenting at City Hall, 801 Plum St., Council chamber rm. 300. Let's do it again like last week, where 22 wonderful supporters came and spoke in our favor! Sign up just before noon to get your 2 minutes to be heard.

Our Community United
An online petition is in the works.  Watch it come together over  the next 48 hours.  

We really appreciate Laure Quinlivan's motion, to leave the Eco Garden at its current location, plus grant us additional space where we would grow food for our sponsored CSA program for needy families.

We want to work with, not against, the City and Citirama(R) for a win-win situation, where we all come to the table, old and new neighbors, to create a vision that works for the whole community.  This is an unprecedented opportunity for civic engagement.
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