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Temple Judea Teens 2 Israel

Count Down 2 Israel

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Click below to begin your journey to Israel with Rabbi Fisch, Molly Levy and your Temple Judea friends! #TJTeens2Israel

Rabbi Fisch and Experiential Educator Molly Levy are excited about having your child or children on a trip of a lifetime exploring Israel, their faith, history, and deepening their understanding of who they are. December 23rd, 2017 - January 3rd, 2018 will be the perfect way for your teen(s) to welcome in the new secular year and converse about how the holy aligns with the temporal. We will hike and climb holy sites, float in the Dead Sea, eat our way through the land of Milk and Honey, engage with the religious and secular communities, and create memories that will last forever.
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Why Do We Have The Torah?
It could be argued that the whole point of the Torah, was to have a memory book of their (the Israelites) travels to Israel. Torah begins with the creation of the world and ends with the creation of the land that we call Israel. What happens between the first chapter of Genesis and the last chapter of Deuteronomy is the constant struggle with God, humanity and the desire to have a land that is theirs. 

The journey through the wilderness set in motion our desire to long for a place to call home. Israel is our home, it is our land, our history and historic place for all Jews to gather. 

The Torah gives us a great starting place in our understanding of our homeland, but the best way to learn about Israel is to visit it. When one wonders the roads, sees the hills, the historic religious landmarks and feels what the ancient Israelites could have experienced, an appreciation for the land is forged.  This will make Torah come to life, and will solidify a deeper relationship with our collective Jewish history. 

Don't miss out not this opportunity. 

  • Land of Milk and Honey. Israeli dairy cows are the most productive in the world. An average Israeli cow produces about 25,500 pounds of milk per year.  The runner up is the average American cow at 19,000 pounds, followed by Canada at 17,000 pounds, Europe at 14,000 pounds in Europe and Australia at 10,000 pounds per year.
  • Millions of people in the world today speak Hebrew, the vibrant national language of Israel.  It is the only documented case of the revival of a  'dead' language (like Latin) which had only been used only for prayers and studying for nearly a thousand years.


LACHFOR (לחפור)

Means "to dig" but it is used to describe someone who talks too much and loves to gossip. 

LA'ASOT CHAIM (לעשות חיים)

This is something you say to someone that is about to embark on a journey or travel or do basically anything exciting. It means "to do or make life." That is it. Plain and simple, just do life.
SOF HADERECH (סוף הדרך)
Literally means "end of the road" but used to describe something awesome. Like, "that party was  end of the road.