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Jetzt (Now) 
19 Monday
Board Meeting
7:15 in Board Room
All invited
25 Sunday
12-2 in Radnitz Social Hall
Purim Carnival - we need volunteers
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25 Sunday
12 in Board Room
Softball Draft

Shpeter (Later)


8 Thursday
6:45 p.m. - Concrete Cowboy
Guy's Night Out
See Article for Details

10 Saturday
1:45 @ the home of Lenora and Jerry Levin
Brotherhood/Sisterhood Coffee Break Book Club
5710 Moss Creek Trail, Dallas
The Two Family House by Lynda Cohen Loigman
RSVP by 3/5 to BOOK WORM
11 Sunday
1:00 at Temple
BARFS Banquet and Awards
13 Tuesday
6:45 Margaritas & Mishnah @ Coffee House
See Article
18 Sunday
Yom HaShoah Candles Project
Morning: place and time TBD
To Volunteer: Stuffer
19 Monday
7:15 p.m. - Board Room
Brotherhood Board Meeting
All Invited
25 Sunday
9:30-11:30 Radnitz Social Hall
Brotherhood and Israel Connections Breakfast
See Ad
31 Saturday
6 p.m. - Second Seder
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Look for details on more future events in later editions of THE BRO.

Don't Miss Out! 

Thursday March 8 @ 6:45 p.m.
Concrete Cowboy
3685 The Star Blvd. Suite 210, Frisco
Followed by Texas Cow Tipping Creamery (downstairs) and punt, pass and kick on the football field.

Thursday April 12
Wander in the wilderness of Arbor Hills Park
6701 W. Parker Rd.
Plano, TX 75093
Followed by dinner at Gazeebo Burgers
6009 W. Parker Rd

Thursday May 10
Go Ape Zip Line & Treetop Adventure
Oak Point Park
5901 Los Rios Blvd.

Call or text Raymond Farris for info 214.288.7297  


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Where's Weinfeld?

In this piece we will try to find Bob Weinfeld in the image.


Tom Thumb
For FIFTY years Tom Thumb...actually, Tom Thumb started in 1948 by Robert Cullum and J.R. Bost. They have been owned by Alberstons, Randalls, and now Safeway. You may also remember their Simon David Stores, and their brief venture with Walmart called Hypermart (in Garland). But to us, we just know them as "Cash." Yes, top us, Tom Thumb means money, so buy your groceries there and use out number.
Don't be dumb, Shop Tom Thumb.
Mention this number at the check-out station:



 Bubbe's Advice   
(You'll Find It Only in the BRO) 
Don't Give Up Your Dreams
Keep on sleeping 
  You're welcome.

Uncle Shmuel Still Needs You Every Friday!

I want you to want me

I need you to need me.

 This is no cheap trick.

Become one of the few, the proud, the Ushers!



Prez Sez

Fifty years! Last night was an amazing event, as we celebrated standing on the shoulders of the ones that came before us. And it was a pleasure having so many past presidents joining us. We thank the past presidents for planning last night, as well as our current leaders who came together to put on a night that we will always remember.
And now we begin a new chapter of service, irreverence, and fun. You can see from our calendar that we have a full spring of fun ahead of us. As for service, we also have our weekly ushering duties, and I encourage you to sign up. We distribute and collect siddurim, then we sneak over and finish off the oneg buffet. In all seriousness, our duties as ushers are not only books, but as greeters - we are the first faces greeting everyone into their evening of worship. It is a holy duty, as services inspire us when we need spirituality and comfort us when we are hurting.  So if you have not yet (or lately) had the honor of participating in this important service for the service, then sign up: USHER.
We're having a blood drive along with a speaker and breakfast. We're supporting the Purim Spiel by helping with food preparation. We're supporting young families by helping with the Purim Picnic and the community is invited to join in. We will be assembling the Yom HaShoah candle mailing in March 17  Brotherhood will be hosting another 2nd Night Seder and this is just the start of the next 50 years.
So , come join us and make memories that will last another 50 years!

 From the Borscht Belt  
Shlomo goes to the doctor for his physical. "For an eighty year old man, you are in remarkable shape," says his doctor, "but I want to check your sperm count. Please take this jar home with you, and return it tomorrow."
Shlomo seems nonplussed, and returns the next day, handing the doctor the jar. "It's empty? What happened?"
"Well," says Shlomo, "I tried with my right hand, but nothing happened. Then I tried for awhile with my left hand, but nothing happened. So my wife tried with her right hand, but nothing happened, then she tried with her left hand and nothing happened. So we asked a neighbor, who tried with her right hand and nothing happened, and her left hand, but still nothing happened."
"You went to YOUR NEIGHBOR?," asked the doctor.
"Right," said Shlomo, "and none of us could open the jar."

An Offer You Can't Refuse.

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Do you have a horse you love? Then join Brotherhood now.  And if you refuse, we will call our "Benefits" VP, Luca Brasi, to discuss with you the many health benefits of being a member. So Join the Family.

  Thanks to All Who Helped this Past Month.
Forget the past month, how about just the past 24 hours!! The thank you list for those who worked on the 50th Anniversary may not never end. Thanks to all the past president who participated: Bob Weinfeld, Mark Fishkind, Irwin Kaufman, Ken Parker, Scott Butnick, Michael Kaplan, Dennis Eichelbaum, Jerry Grey, Jim Hogue, and Perry Zidow. Thanks to Ron Wichter, Ken Glaser, David Arndt, Roy Flegenheimer, Paul Preite, Bill Hoffpauer, Brenda Butnick, Dawn Kaufman, Ali Rhodes, Jim Warner, Rick Cohen, Aaron Greenberg, Debra Levy-Fritts, Toba Reifer, Bob Landers, LINDA WIDMAN (she the man with decorations), Lisa Rothberg, Laura Davidson, Gail Davidson, Joel Hoffman, llene Zidow, Julie EIchelbaum, Emma Eichelbaum, James Darling, Louis Marx, Mark Fisher, Karen Fishkind, Lonna Rae Silverman, Ron Wolff, Stephen Falk, Robert Fishkind, and the men from AEPi (led by Aaron Eichelbaum and Ethan Fisher).
A very special thank you to Steve and Ann Weintraub, who went above and beyond the call of duty to pull the 50th anniversary event off, earning the shlepper of the year award!
If we missed your name, it was not due to a lack of gratitude, it is due to our ineptitude, for which we enjoy abundance. We thank the unthanked, the underthanked, and thankless.


A blessing on your head, mazel tov, mazel tov, to Sisterhood's Staci Romick Mendelsohn, the first daughter of a Brotherhood President (Morry Romick in 1972) to be named Woman of Valor. Staci served Sisterhood as president and in many other capacities over the years. We at Brotherhood congratulate Staci on this auspicious honor.                             

Yes, this Rookie K coach defeated the defending heavily favored champions. Sound familiar? Irwin was the mastermind responsible for drawing up the fourth down flea-flicker that led his beloved Philadelphia Eagles and his own team to a championship.
And a special mazel tov to Robert Fishkind for his work as Commissioner. As Roger Goodell can tell you, it is tough following a legend (Jason), and Robert didn't even have to suspend anyone this year.

The Return of Margaritas & Mishnah!     

Margaritas & Mishnah, 6:45 pm

March 13 @ Coffee House Cafe.

Speaker: Jo Rheingold of the Dallas Jewish Historical Society RSVP to or 214/912-7594

To Register Click WISE CHILD


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