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Theme: "A New Day and a Lasting Promise!" 
God's Favor Series

  Chineta Goodjoin  headshot 3

 Rev. Chineta Goodjoin 
 "Temptation Island"
Matthew 4:1-11
Community Voice
Ms. Charity Lambert
"Relying on God"
Worship Leader
   Don Oliver
Rev. Dr. Don Oliver
 Prayer and Scripture

Sharing in Ministry; Growing in Love

God Uses Humble Servants to Accomplish 
His Great Work!

This weekend, we invite you to
 share YOU MATTER love with the
 people who will be received into our church family during worship service.

Every Wednesday
 6:30 PM 
Room E101
Music Ministry
Bake Sale 
March 15
After Service
Friends and Family Day
Worship Service
March 22
It's a Family Reunion
Potluck Dinner 
after Worship 
Adult and Youth Violin
registration now open
for classes in April
call 714-288-9986 for more info
praying hands


The Kirkwoods, Phillip Simen, James Andrews, Terry Charles, Bill Brooks, Mark and Kris Kozak, Mr. & Mrs. Bryant Meyers, Shelby Brown, Andrew Brewer, Tommy Hall, Bishop Joseph P. Copper & Gloria Cooper, Cheyenne Thompson, K'lani Ansley, Martina Valenzuela, Rev. Brent Butler, Bill Hazen & Family, Mirela Hickman, Audrey Fucles, Nelia Hoffman, William and Theresa Black, Richard Garland, Holly Campbell, Laurel Behn, Clinton Jackson,  Rosemary Hake, the Dorsey Family, Randy Macon, Allyson Allen & Family, Charity Lambert,  Tim Gambles & Family, James Andrews, Lawrence Lambert, Dana Brooks and Family, Mililani Magee, Altoinette Ledbetter, Dave & Robbie Lamondy, New Hope Ministries & Staff.


Fill Out The Prayer Request Form To Be Added To The List 

or To Request a Prayer for Someone Else

 You may also call the church office at 714-288-9986