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Vacancy: 16.7% Absorption: + 82,265 SF Average Net Rent: $15.05
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The rise of Downtown East

Once a sea of surface parking lots, the Downtown East area has been dramatically reshaped by new development and transformed into one of the most thriving places in Minneapolis.

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See Downtown East for yourself with a visit to the Commons. The park just wrapped up its summer movie series with Casablanca.

Paul Donovan weighs in on how and why MSP is almost a top ten tech city.

The 428 in Saint Paul is one of Minnesota's first WELL-certified building projects.
The Bigger Picture in Real Estate
Offsite construction - what you need to know

Feature Labor, schedules, budgets - they're all tight. While many companies are sticking it out with conventional construction methods, an enterprising few are looking off the job site for answers. Literally. One such solution is offsite...

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New WELL-certified buildings across the U.S. provide insights into costs and possible returns.

School will be back in session soon. How does back-to-school shopping play into the changing retail landscape?

Amazon will share half of a new office building in Seattle with a homeless shelter. The project breaks ground this fall.
What Else?
What One Company Learned from Forcing Employees to Use...

Executive Summary It's become abundantly clear that vacation policies - especially in the United States - are broken. Employees often can't take their vacation time, or spend too much time during their vacations checking in with the office, only...

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Ikea has set a goal of cutting its cafeteria food waste in half by 2020. See how.

Everyone needs a good laugh, even during business hours. There's power in punchlines, whether in interviews, meetings, or team dynamics. 

How do you make the best team even better?
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