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As part of our new SuccessFit program we have set up a page where like minded people in the promotional marketing industry can share their adventures and encourage each other.

We invite you to post selfies, and share the events you participate in.  This group is
for those who enjoy an active lifestyle that benefits their personal and professional development.
Going Back to Work!
After 30 years away from
an office, this can happen. 
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It may come as a surprise to you that in my crazy ADD world, one of my distractions is tending to flowers and inside plants. If you missed my commentary ADD on an (A) I invite you to check it out. We heard from several people on this piece. Fellow ADDer's and Normals seemed to get something out of it. 

My commentaries often come from my "real world" experiences. For those who are interested, in Tending Life's Garden, you'll gain some insight into my crazy world. I share some personal things and tie growing a business into growing a garden. Enjoy. 

In other news, we are very excited about an innovative program dubbed FreePromoTips.com SuccessFit. We invite your participation! Learn more below.

Make it a great day!

Jeff Solomon, MAS

FreePromoTips.com SuccessFit is an exciting new program that will present content from a variety of contributors on how fitness impacts business success.

At the PPAI Expo in January we will have an "Exercise" that enables you to connect with some quality companies and receive cool FPT SuccessFit branded fitness oriented products. Participants will receive useful items from a few suppliers. 100% of your nominal $9.80 participation fee goes directly to the Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF) supporting education scholarships.

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More details are coming...but you can sign up NOW! 
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Tending Life's Garden

One of the things I enjoy doing is taking care of flowers on our front porch and tending to the few houseplants we have. I enjoy the color they bring to our home entry and people often comment on how pretty the flowers on our porch look.

It's not hard to do. These annual flowers bloom, look great for a while, and then start to lose their color and die. As they fade, I simply pull them out and replace them with something new, and the planters look great again. It's really simple to keep my porch flowers fresh.

Tending to a garden and enjoying healthy, beautiful flowers is just one of the blessings of life for many. This is why the gardening industry appears to be thriving. People invest money in things they see value in.

Click here for this story of life and business.


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