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Texas College and Career Readiness Network
The University of Houston and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board are proud to announce the new Texas College and Career Readiness Network Digest (TXCCRN Digest), which will be replacing the Gulf Coast College and Career Readiness E-newsletter, Empowered for Success

We are thrilled for the completion of this initiative and excited to bring you website highlights monthly. The digest is a resource for Texas educators to use to read about the month's biggest highlights, events, and top stories. Of course, this news digest is possible because of our regional partners in CCRS and the hard work they do to support student success.

We excitedly invite contributions from all of our regional readiness partners. Help make this resource as comprehensive as possible. If your institution has an ongoing or past initiative, deliverables from a completed initiative or event, or information on an upcoming event that supports readiness in Texas, please contact Texas CCRS Network Senior Communications Officer Amy Williams so that it can be added to the TXCCRN website.

All readiness-promoting resources are welcome! For more details, please use the following as optional guidelines for submissions: 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Browse through the latest news while having the option of viewing news items you might have missed along the way.  The TXCCRN News Archive is where you will find any past CCR news that has made major headline since its launched!
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UH Math Course Aligns with Career ReadinessUH

The University of Houston's (UH) teachHouston program and Leigh Hollyer, lecturer in the UH Department of Mathematics, have partnered in an effort to streamline math courses for student career readiness. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board funded the grant to UH in Summer 2012 in hopes that better techniques and approaches would be gained from this effort.


The Economic Benefits of Attaining an EconomicBenefitsofAss
Associate's Degree Before Transfer


In this study, Belfield investigates if the acquisition of an Associate's Degree (AA) before enrolling in a four-year nstitution is ideal, from an economic and student success rate perspective, and when the best time to transfer might be. 
View full article here

ESC Region 4
ESC Region 17
ESC 20
August 20
All Levels
Social Studies
8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. 
August 31

Grades 8 - 12
All Content Areas

This is an online

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to search for event.

August 29

Grades 1 - 5
6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m

Contact the Texas College and Career Readiness Network to submit an activity ospotlight event that promotes college readiness in Texas! It will be featured in the TXCCRN calendar for educators across Texas to see!
The Texas College and Career Readiness Network Digest is a monthly newsletter focused on college and career readiness in Texas.

The Texas College and Career Readiness Network Digest is part of the TXCCRN, which is sponsored by a Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board grant to the University of Houston.

Amy Williams, aewilliams10@uh.edu

Special Thanks to:
Leigh Hollyer, UH 

Contributing Editors
Jo Anne Davis-Jones, jadavis-jones@central.uh.edu
Chris Cheatham, ccheatham@uh.edu
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