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Issue: 1
December, 2011

Market Validation: Why Ready, Aim, Fire Beats Ready, Fire, Fire, Fire, Aim

by: Dr. Rob Adams  Follow us on Twitter

More than 65 percent of new products fail. Based on the percentage of new products that fail, $260 billion is lost in the U.S. alone. 


You're working with an established company and looking to launch a new offering, or you're a new company trying to muscle its way into a market. Or you're just a savvy business person trying to figure out more about the markets around your existing products. Read More... 

 GE Looks to TVL for Ideas
by: Benjamin Pruden  Follow us on Twitter


On November 2, 2011 Texas Venture Labs (TVL) hosted a visit to the McCombs School of Business by Beth Comstock, CMO of GE. The visit was part of a tour of the core schools from which GE recruits in order to boost awareness of its Experienced Commercial Leadership Program (ECLP).