In this issue: free leaflets and sample panels, textures, neons and trouble shooting tips from Polychem Powder Coatings

With Memorial Day just around the corner, the Polychem team will remember the men and women who died in active military service for our great country.

As a hard working company that is proud to be American, proud to manufacture everything right here in the USA and proud to be supporting American industry we want to thank all past and current military men and service women and wish them a great and safe memorial day.

Rough it up a little...
Did you know Polychem has an enormous range of textured powders? From soft, fine effects to coarse, rough anti-skid type textures, adding a tactile element to your finish has never been easier.
Check out soft neutral shades with fine textures like Textured Straw Tan (PLFL43398PT) and F/T Cal Blue (PLFL 21454PT) - both part of the hard working Outdoor Collection - or more textured effects in warm bronzes and Browns in the Classic Collection - Textured Arizona Brown (PRFL 90583) and C-95 Textured Bronze PLRS 90635PB.
Don't forget you can also add a mini texture or river texture to ANY RAL shade. Simple.


Call 940.612.0401 for sample panels or to order. 

Getting the glow...
Have you seen the Polychem Neon Collection? It's pretty hard to miss!
Eight eye popping neon shades, including neon yellow, pink, orange and green are easy to apply and will stand out on any project. There are also two glow in the dark colors that have been used on everything from emergency routing, to door push bars and fun applications for kids!
Easy to apply, easy to order and sure to impress.
Call 940.612.0401 now for your free Neon samples!
Do YOUR customers have what they need?
There are plenty of Polychem leaflets, sample panels and more that you can order for FREE to promote your capabilities to them.
Make sure you have:
  • Free Polychem leaflets
  • Free color matching and altered RAL leaflets
  • Free Polychem sample rings
  • Free RAL color cards - all the RALs are also available through Polychem with 5lb minimums, great pricing and the opportunity to "alter" any of them with special effects.
Did you know there are also Polychem boards available to buy for a permanent display of your color and effect capabilities? 3 wall boards, 400 panels, and plenty of space for your own literature make these easy to install wall boards the perfect way for you to show your customers just what you're capable of.
To order any of the above materials just let us know what you need and where to send them Contact Lauren on
Q: What does a cookie stand and a motorcyle have in common?
A: Polychem!

Polychem powders are used on a huge array of products. Each Polychem powder is designed and manufactured to be easy to apply, offer fabulous colors and effects and make sure that you get the quantity you need, when you need it, at a great price.
Color of the month
RAL 9017
Choose this delicious inky black in the perfect powder. You can also add:
  • Silver vein
  • Mini texture
  • River texture
  • Sparkle metallic
  • Anti-skid
  • And out gas forgiving properties to it!
To order any Polychem color call Lauren at 940.612.0401 or email
Trouble Shooting tips 
This month, we had a question from a coater having problems getting good charge. After a quick chat with the Polychem technician the problem was solved and his line was actually running better than it had been previously. Check out the below table and solutions!
Check out our full trouble shooting guide at
Possible cause of poor grounding
Poor Grounding
Check the ground and all contact areas are free of powder build-up and other insulating materials.
Voltage is too low or interrupted
Increase the voltage or check for broken electrodes.
Conveying air pressure too high
Adjust the equipment air setting to its optimum.
Wrong hose  materials
Consult your equipment manufacturer for a recommended hose.
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