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October 2010
Thai Herbs

Hello from Kanchana!!

Happy Wednesday to you.

Have you checked out my new cooking classes lately? I have created new packages with amazing prices and choices. You can choose ANY 3 Thai dishes you have always wanted to cook. Check out the classes here. Also, check out the coupon in the bottom where you will receive a pantry kit when you book a class for 6 students or more.
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October Issue
Why people take my class.
Let's go grocery shopping!
Cook, Snap and Win!
Introducing Ketmanee
Why people take my class?
Thai it, you'll like it!

Me & my studentsAfter my class ends, every students gets a questionnaire to give me their feedback about their experience with me. I have a tall stack of those ratings and testimonials in my hands today and thought I would share with you what they thought of my class.

I am always excited to read them as soon as I get back home. It is as exciting to me like every class is my first one!
The questionnaire asks 5 questions with ratings 1 to 5, 5 being the most AMAZING, that is.

1. Was the amount of time appropriate?
Ratings: 5:95.36% 4:4.64% 3:0% 2:0% 1:0%

2.Was I knowledgeable in what I was teaching?
Ratings: 5:100% 4:0% 3:0% 2:0% 1:0%

3. Are you comfortable recreating these dishes on your own?
Ratings: 5:88.4% 4:4.64% 3:6.96% 2: 0% 1:0%

4. Was the pace of the class appropriate?
Ratings: 5: 83.76% 4:13.92% 3: 2.32% 2 :0% 1: 0%

5. How likely are you to recommend my classes to your friends and family?
Ratings: 5:93.04% 4:6.96% 3:0% 2:0% 1: 0%

So you have seen for yourself that my students have had great experience with my cooking classes. 93.04% of them will recommend the class to their friends and family.
If you know of foodies that you think will like the idea of doing a super hands-on and dynamic cooking class, do let them know that I am here for them! And if that foodie is you, call me today at 949 340 3936! or visit www.sweetbasilinc.com!
Want to go shopping with me?
I am planning on a shopping trip on Saturday November 6th morning to the Asian market where I go shop for all my ingredients. There are 8 spots open. Call me at 949 340 3936 to book your spot. We'll go shopping and have a cool lunch together!
Cost: $15.00 per person for shopping tour. (Excludes lunch)
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PLUS discounts and promotions on our cooking classes.

Cook, Snap and Win!
Pad Thai
Make something Thai and Halloween theme, send me a picture of it with you and win a lovely Sweet Basil Inc. shopping tote! I would probably like all of it, but it will be hard to pick out one winner! Get cookin'!!

Last entry date is October 30th.
Game ONNNN!!!

Introducing Ketmanee.

Her life is art. Call her at 949-310 6813 and book an appointment. You will love her! I do! Get 20% off your first appointment when you mention Kanchana.

Ketmanee Artistry

Thai it, you'll like it! :)


Kanchana Rubino
Sweet Basil Inc.
CouponReceive a FREE Thai pantry starter kit worth $20.00 when you book a cooking class for 6 or more. Call me at 949 340 3936 or email metoday!
Offer Expires:
October 30th, 2010