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June 24th - June 30th     
grades 7-10
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July 8th - July 11th 
Earth Camp@Koinonia Retreat Center
for kids that have completed 1st-6th grade
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July 23rd - July 27th    
Joyful Uproar
for kids that have completed 1st-6th grade
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July 28th - August 5th      
Sr. High Mission Trip
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August 6th - August 10th 
Vacation Bible Camp "ROME: Paul and the Underground Church"
ages 3 years-4th grade
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Summer Sunday 
Snap Shot
Love Letters from God

 Last Week (6/3)
The First Girl

This Wee k (6/10) 

Next Week (6/17) Kindness Rock Distribution

Our Teachers Are Awesome!

Again, huge thank you to teachers and volunteers for all the time and energy you have given to Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church, and especially to Hennepin Kids this past year! Please take a moment to thank the teachers and library readers that commit their Sunday mornings to sharing the love of Christ with our kids!

Calling All Volunteers!
Summer Camps and Summer Sunday School shenanigans calls for a team of enthusiastic, energized volunteers! If you are interested in helping throughout the summer months, contact Director of Children's Ministries Lynne Carroll at

This project is inspiring people to be kind and happy! Founder, Megan Murphy started randomly placing rocks, painted with inspirational quotes and sayings, and now people from all around the world are doing the same thing! 

T he best part about this project is the connection. After people find these rocks, they bring the idea back to their communities, start the project there, and the cycle of kindness continues!

Over the next three weeks, we will join in the cycle of kindness by creating kindness rocks in Sunday School.  On June 17th, we will place our rocks throughout the neighborhood. 

If you do not want your child to go on our rock delivering field trip to Loring Park & the Sculpture Garden, please contact Lynne Carroll by June 17th.

Hennepin Kids New Classes for Summer!
Summer Sunday School means new classes and new, fun activities! Check the signs when you arrive!

by Lisa Mantchev, Illustrations by Taeeun Yoo

When the local Pet Club won't admit a boy's tiny pet elephant, he finds a solution-one that involves all kinds of unusual animals in this sweet and adorable picture book.

Today is Pet Club day. There will be cats and dogs and fish, but strictly no elephants are allowed. The Pet Club doesn't understand that pets come in all shapes and sizes, just like friends. Now it is time for a boy and his tiny pet elephant to show them what it means to be a true friend.

Imaginative and lyrical, this sweet story captures the magic of friendship and the joy of having a pet.

Want to see other recommended books about hospitality from Beaming Books? Check out this spectacular reading list here!

June 24th-June 30th 

Earth Camp
July 8th-July 11th

Joyful Uproar
July 23rd-July 27th

Vacation Bible Camp
August 6th-August 10th
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Summer Camp Registration is Open!


After 33 years of faithful service and ministry at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church, Pastor Sally Howell Johnson is retiring.  This community has been blessed by her leadership, wisdom, and deep love of God and neighbor.  Join us on Sunday for Sally's farewell service, her final sermon, and celebration and fellowship after worship!  
The Vitamin N Challenge!

Remember when you were a kid and how much time you spent outside playing? Now, are your kids outside that much? For most families, it's just not the case. It turns out, we are raising "indoor" kids. Unlike past generations, this lack of nature could actually be affecting the biological makeup of our children. Check out this KARE 11 video with Belinda Jensen talking with Richard Louv about "Vitamin N" and just how critical it is for your child to spend time outside in nature. 

Today, parents, grandparents, pediatricians, and teachers are looking for ways to connect children to the natural world. This summer, we are weighing in on this conversation about the #VitaminN Challenge. What's the challenge? It's an opportunity to get more nature into our lives and to share ideas! C&NN co-founder Richard Louv's new book, Vitamin Npresents over 500 nature-oriented actions for families, organizations and communities. In addition, C&NN's online resources and similar books, blogs and nature-focused websites offer a wide range of ideas that will help you take the Vitamin N Challenge. Take a look at some of these ideas.

Summer is almost here and you know what that means... camps! Check out this fun video from last year's Earth Camp at Koinonia! Who do you think won the water balloon fight? Reminder!  Earth Camp dates are July 8th - July 11th   Sign up today!

The  Values Project  is a year-long initiative designed to equip families to raise children who thrive emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Get inspiration, practical ideas, family activities, and parenting tips from our network of seasoned parents and faith leaders, because it takes a village to raise a good human. Each month we'll explore a different value-like honesty, loyalty, creativity, kindness, compassion, and hospitality.

Hospitality: It's What We Do! 
When our family gathers for holidays, one of our traditions is to look for people who don't have family nearby and invite them to join us for our holiday gathering.

Written by Beth Lewis

Our family is spread out across the country. To the west, Arizona, California and Washington. In the Midwest and southeast, Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. So, when we gather for holidays, it is almost always just a few of us gathered in any one place.

But, one of our traditions is to look for people who don't have family nearby and invite them to join us for our holiday gathering. Our gathering always includes appetizers as we gather, a festive meal on a dining table laid with our best china and crystal, and after dinner card or board games. If it is Christmas, it includes opening of gifts. At Easter, an Easter egg hunt takes place.

We lived for 12 years near our granddaughters in Phoenix. They saw us invite many people for these holiday gatherings; friends of their parents, sometimes with kids and sometimes not; a couple who are friends of ours whose adult kids are far away became regulars at our holiday gatherings for several years.

A few days before each holiday, we'd invite our grandkids to help with the preparations. Sometimes it included hand-lettered, stickered, and glittered place cards for the table. At Christmas, a few small gifts were selected, wrapped and tucked under the tree for our guests. And, special dishes that are iconic in my family and my husband's family were prepared with love.  It was always fun to have these friends and neighbors join us and their presence made our holiday more festive!

But, at our last Thanksgiving before relocating to Seattle, we were living amidst moving boxes and our lives were more than a bit stressful. We decided to host our daughter and family at a restaurant. It was the pragmatic thing to do.

But, a few days before the holiday, our then 9-year-old granddaughter was at our house. As she was helping by bringing sheets and towels out of the linen closet to go into moving boxes, we were talking about the upcoming holiday. She was chattering about her love of turkey, mashed potatoes and, especially pie!

And then, she stunned me with, "Who is joining us for dinner this year?" Not if we were inviting someone, but  who?

In the busyness of moving, it hadn't even occurred to me. But, for her, it is simply what our family does! We are hospitable to friends and neighbors who need temporary family for the holiday!

With less than two days before the holiday and most of the kitchenware already packed I couldn't figure out how to squeeze in a full-blown turkey with all the trimmings dinner. But, we decided that we could do a post-restaurant dessert and games party amidst the boxes. We quickly invited some people we barely knew to join us and explained that our house would be a wreck with moving boxes everywhere and desserts served with paper plates and napkins. But, it just didn't matter... Continue Reading.
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And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, love kindness and to walk humbly with your God.
- Micah 6:8