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Thank you to everyone we met during the 2017 RTM Con ference in Philadelphia!

ELT was pleased to be a sponsor at the premier event on environmental risk management and sustainable property transactions.

During the conference, Jonathan Elton ( Shell Global) and Randall Jostes (Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc.) co-delivered a presentation on some groundbreaking solutions for environmental liabilities, including a major fixed-price environmental clean up project in Canada.
Download Shell/ELT Presentation Here:

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Complete "Walk Away" from Environmental Liabilities

We have found that a brownfield site will remain in a perpetual state of decay until engaged by an outside catalyst. CDC, ELT, and EAG can jumpstart environmentally-distressed properties by providing a fresh infusion of capital, a legal transfer of environmental risk, a fully-funded clean-up plan, and a fresh vision for redevelopment.
  • Real Estate Acquisition
  • Environmental Liability Transfers
  • Liability Transfers + Real Estate Acquisition
  • Sale Leaseback Options Available
  • Guaranteed Fixed Price Solution
About ELT

Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. (ELT) has become the largest acquirer of corporate environmental liabilities in North America - through robust indemnification, guaranteed fixed cost solutions, and a unique blend of expertise.

If environmental liabilities are impacting your operations, balance sheet, or transactions, ELT can provide a contractual transfer of environmental risk and robust assurance that environmental obligations do not return to the Seller/Transferer. 

To learn more about ELT, visit www.eltransfer.com. 
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