Thank you!
Dear Friends of Parresia,

Thanks so much for your investment in Parresia (and thanks in advance for taking a minute to read this "newsy" update on Parresia).

Years ago, before my eyes were opened to the finished work of Jesus, my theme verse in life was 2 Chronicles 16:9:

"For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His." (2 Chronicles 16:9, NASB)

Back in those days all I could focus on was that last part, "who heart is completely His"; so I tried my hardest to prove my devotion to God so that He would support me. Most of the time, I did not feel worthy of His support, so I just ran harder and faster and longer. Maybe you can relate.

God reminded me of that scripture recently, and I smiled because that last part is a "gimme" now! I can't help but be devoted! 

Today whenever I think of that verse in 2 Chronicles, I picture the woman with the alabaster box pouring her perfume oil on the feet of Jesus and wiping His feet with her tears, or Mary Magdalene desperately searching for Jesus at the empty tomb because of her love for Him, or His friend Mary who sat at His feet and did the one thing needful: hearing His word. Their hearts were completely His because they had been receivers of His love and His grace.

Over the last few years, I've learned the secret of resting and doing the "one thing needful." And as I practice His presence, He leads me in the unforced rhythms of His grace. When I ponder the riches of His grace poured out on my life, I can hardly contain the emotion of it. He has strongly supported me.

"I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified." (1 Corinthians 2:2)

This is my life verse now. I am compelled by love to spread the good news of His grace in any and every way possible.

2017 so far has been an amazing year of opportunity, productivity, and open doors. Following is recap.

In February I had the incredible opport unity to minister with wonderful "women of grace" in Thailand at a grace conference, a Thai church, and a children's home with Because of Jesus Ministries led by Connie Witter.

Later in February, God opened the door for us to meet with Joseph Prince of New Creation Church for  a four hour meeting. He talked about Jesus and advised us as we spread the gospel of grace. A mentor from afar became a new friend in grace!

Throughout the year I have been ministering at several  Women of Grace conferences   in  Birmingham, Branson, Chicago, and Tulsa . There's nothing like seeing women encounter Jesus!

In June I hosted a conference in Birmingham called " Will the Real Gospel Please Stand Up?" with my friends Mark Machen and Bill Snell. It had been on my heart for several years to help leaders see the importance of sound doctrine and stay away from pseudo-grace doctrines that are coming in along side grace to deceive and p ervert the gospel. This was a very effective conference.
In July I ministered at the  Grace Life Conference  with Creflo Dollar and Andrew Wommack. It was an amazing week of not only sharing the gospel with multitudes of people, but also getting to know Creflo and Andrew and seeing their hearts for Jesus. The experience gave me a larger view of God's plan for unveiling Jesus across the earth and opened even more doors for sharing with more people in the future.
Also in July, Parresia co-hosted the annual  Birmingham Grace Conference  with Rob Rufus. This conference is always a benchmark every year. The spiritual "water level" rises, and we are launched into new horizons with renewed vision. Also, the relationship with Rob and Glenda Rufus had been personally vital to me. Their encouragement and guidance has be en of great value over the years.
Throughout the year I have taught and recorded three Bible study series at Parresia Gatherings in  Birmingham: the " Repentance " series, " Beholding Jesus in the Tab ernacle ," and "Faith To Move My Mountains."  These  are three of the richest series I have done, taking me deeper into the truths about our beautiful and wonderful Jesus.  These series, as with all other teachings we have produced, are available on line.
A very special project we have launched is recording several testimonies of  Grace Encounters  which are being made available on line as they are produced. As I watch each one, I am struck by the uncanny similarities of lives ambushed by grace: rest, pea ce, and intimacy with Jesus.
A new feature we are now producing is video grace nuggets. These are 3-5 minute teachings are designed to be enjoyed as small bites of nourishment from the scriptures and to be shared.  Click here  for a sneak peak.
project that I am especially thrilled about is the taping of a ladies talk show that we are entitling "A Real View of the Grace Life." Parresia has produced eight episodes of this new show to be launched soon! It's a dream come true! We discussed topics such as identity in Christ, our inheritance in Jesus, the paradigm shift to grace, prayer under grace, and resting in the finished work of Jesus.

Stay tuned for more on this!

God has also opened doors for me to speak at a pro-life conference in Birmingham hosted by " Choose Life Alabama" and the " In His Presence" women's conference in Rome, GA, hosted by Journey Church.

In addition, we launched the "The Local Church Initiative" where we have been able to give away bundles of Unveiling Jesus books and Unveiling Jesus DVD's to many churches for training their leadership. 

Dear to my heart is the expansion of the Grace Upon Grace Scripture Card  personalized scripture card ministry to include healing scripture cards to encourage the sick. The idea for the Grace Upon Grace Scripture Cards came a few years ago after I had taught an in depth Bible study called Grace 101, and I took some of the truths and put them in these cards designed to encourage the recipient with the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, his or her identity in Christ, what it means to be a new creation in Him, how awesome Christ's finished work of the cross is on their behalf, and how much He loves them!
Lastly, Parresia has had the amazing joy to give away about 1000 Unveiling Jesus books to prison inmates as well as other ministries, such as addiction recovery and the rescued victims of human trafficking.  One of the best gifts I've ever received: thank you letters from prison inmates who have received the book Unveiling Jesus. I reminds me that no matter what we have done, no matter how far away from God we may feel, no matter who has given up on us, no matter how hopeless things may seem, GOD'S GRACE IS GREATER.

This is the kind of stuff I could only have dreamed of in the early days of my grace awake ning. Back in those days all I could do was weep at Jesus' feet. Most days weren't spent alone with Jesus because of great rejection for teaching the message of grace. I had no agenda except to receive more of His love and grace, and He would tell me, "Tricia, if you can just know the width and length and depth of My love, I will do exceedingly abundantly above all that you can ask or think." All I wanted was for this gospel to go across the world and for eyes to be opened to His grace.

The Holy Spirit impressed on my heart that I would never have to open a door, or even look for a door or push a door open. I would just walk through and find myself on the other side.  Believe it or not, since my eyes were opened to grace, every ministry opportunity, every meeting/ relationship with a minister of grace, and every invitation to speak has been initiated by someone else. I have never initiated any of it! 

My heart sings, "Thank you, Jesus!" 

And I might add, thank YOU for supporting me in all of these endeavors. It has been an amazing year of effortless Spirit directed activity, and I could not be more grateful to you for your investment in the ministry of Parresia.

In His amazing grace always,
Tricia Gunn
Founder of Parresia

a Greek word that means "boldness." 
Boldness before God to receive... 
Boldness before men to share... 
His scandalous grace with others!