Find Updates on our Four Pillars of Strength
The 4 Pillars of FTR
Look for updates on our "Four Pillars" each month:  Exercise, Nutrition, Community Service, and Artistic Expression. Using these elements, FTR members grow strong. Comments? Suggestions? Contact newsletter editor Sarah Kappos at 
Fitness:  Thank You James Sjostrom

"Pain is weakness leaving the body,"  James Sjostrom
For the last 2 1/2 years, James Sjostrom has boldly lead Fit To Recover's fitness program.  There could be no better person to hold structure during the necessary growing pains of this community.  He took our fledgling gym into his arms, and taught it's members to thrive.  Coupled with his "Dad Jokes" James' coaching empowers people to become stronger than they thought possible.  He holds a high standard, and consistently brings expertise to his students.  
It will be impossible to replace such a powerful asset, therefore James will always hold his place as an original member of the FTR team.  We wish him well in his next endeavors, and are sad to see him go.  James, thank you for your service.
  "He is a gentle giant, a big guy with a heart and a lot of passion...a leader who created more leaders."  Rachel Santizo
Service:  What makes that FTR Magic?

Answer:  Connection

"Find someone you don't know.  Talk to them.  Find out their favorite cereal,"  
Ian Acker.

Our goal at FTR is to warmly greet each person who walks in the door.  We often circle up after a workout and talk about things like gratitude, service and challenges we are facing. Working in teams, to push each other, laugh, do one more burpee, and give a sweaty hug at the end.  This spirit of service pervades all that we do.  In turn FTR has been the recipient of service, and mentoring by the SCORE program.  Watch their short video to find out more about how a dream became a reality.   Score: "Hero's Journey"

Fit to Recover is thrilled to host Noah Levine on  July 9th .  He shares our belief in connection and the power of a service oriented life.  He is the founder of Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society.  He teaches meditation groups, workshops, and leads international retreats.  Noah's program is based on the teachings of the Buddha. He is the author of Dharma Punx, Against the Stream, Heart of the Revolution, and Refuge Society.  
Creative Arts: The Power of Storytelling

When Josh Hall started Recovery Soapbox he had one simple goal in mind:  To give voice to stories of recovery.  In this episode, he chats with FTR's Creative Expression director, Sarah Kappos.  You could say Josh and Sarah are two peas in a pod. They share a passion for the timeless practice of story telling.  In this podcast they discuss why it matters, how it can heal and empower both the storyteller and the listener.
Jelly Shoes and Speedballs
FTR's Women's coordinator, Lacey Garcia shares her story on Recovery Soapbox.
In a luscious collaboration with Food To Recover this month's class will be all about FOOD!  We will be tasting and naming the details of in-season produce like: blueberries, tomatoes, strawberries, peaches and snap peas!  A mindful eating practice will help writers focus on flavors, textures and benefits of these simple pleasures.  
Join us July 23rd!
Relish the colors of summer.  This month we will be painting the delicious fruits of summer and learning about still-lifes painting.      Monday July 17th 6:30-8:30 pm  
Saturday July 15th 1-3 pm

Nutrition/Food To Recover: Sweet Nights in July

Bring a date and let's get cooking! 
Enjoy a 3 course-meal that you prepare together! Cooking together is a wonderful bonding experience and a great way to try something new! 
$25 per couple, please reserve your spot and pay Georgia by Wednesday July 19th.

Looking for ways to satisfy your sweet tooth that aren't overloaded with sugar?
Join us for some simple and natu
ral ways to satisfy our sweet tooth! It'll be a sweet event you won't want to miss!  July 25th

In a luscious collaboration with Creative Expression this month's writing class will be all about FOOD!  We will be tasting and naming the details of In-season blueberries, tomatoes, strawberries, peaches and snap peas!  A mindful eating practice will help writers focus on flavors, textures and benefits of these simple pleasures.  Join us July 23rd!
MISSION: FTR's mission is to help individuals maintain long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol through exercise, food and nutrition, creative arts, and community service in a safe, supportive, aspirational and positive environment.

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