What's Coming Next? 
The Econometrics of Digital Advertising.
Wednesday, June 15th, 2016
8:00am - 1:00pm
Les Salons de la Maison des Arts et Métiers
9 bis Avenue d'Iéna, 75016  Paris, France
On June 15th 2016, the IAA hosted The Econometrics of Digital Advertising in Paris - another installment in its long-running What's Coming Next? leadership forum series.
Approximately 90 delegates that attended the event were treated to a half-day update on a series of topics affecting the digital industry today. See full program including topics and expert speakers.
Please find below all speaker materials presented on the day:
Slides presented by Towney Feehan, CEO IAB Europe & Daniel Knapp, Senior Director Advertising, IHS Technologies.
Presentation by Paul MacDonnell, Head of European Policy, Center for Data Innovation.
Videos from Philippe de Chanville, Co-founder, ManoMano & Frederique Lorentz, Marketing Director, Koolicar demonstrating how digital technology forms an integral part of two new start-ups' customer proposition.

Video from Juliette Riviere, Senior Director-Compliance Programs, Trustworthy Accountability Group who have launched an innovative solution to help businesses combat digital fraud, piracy and increase their effectiveness in their fight against malware.
Presentation by Guy Abrahams, Worldwide Strategic Marketing Director, Zenith Optimedia who walked us through the trends and growth of digital to 2018.
IAA has recently launched a new Chapter in France, aimed at Young Professionals. For those interested in joining IAA French YP Chapter please find more information here.

Please note: Videos that are not linked to YouTube are available upon request.


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