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What an incredible conference! 

On behalf of our board and staff at NJSACC, we'd like to thank all of our attendees, presenters, hosts, speakers, vendors, staff and special guests for contributing so wonderfully to New Jersey's annual conference on afterschool! With over 500 professionals in attendance, we definitely found our balance!  Just ask the Gizmo Guys! :)

Together, we strengthened our network of afterschool communities by sharing and learning more about:
  • advancing healthy out-of-school time
  • licensing and quality standards
  • implementing STEM learning in your programs
  • using data to create positive child and youth outcomes
  • creating a professional development plan for career success
  • connecting communities
  • best practices for inclusion with respect to kids with Autism
  • community service and civic engagement
  • service learning
  • aligning our afterschool programs with Common Core state standards
  • strategies for obesity prevention
  • implementing National AfterSchool Association best practices for physical activity
  • teaching social skills and engaging parents in out-of-school time programs
  • imagining afterschool space that works
  • activities that encourage positive interaction between children of all abilities
  • managing stress and balancing work and life
  • developing a mentoring program
  • optimizing outdoor time
  • social networking and digital badging
  • building healthy behaviors in kids
  • skills to successfully support children with ADHD in afterschool settings
  • the 7 steps to preventing, recognizing and reacting to child sexual abuse
  • fun, simple, and inexpensive ideas that promote healthy eating at your sites
  • introducing yoga in your programs
. . .and if you can believe it, even more! We participated in over 100 hours of professional development at the conference and through our good work, we'll impact nearly 500,000 kids in the Garden State! So, while there's much work to be done, there's also much to be proud of!

In the coming days, NJSACC will be sharing highlights from this year's conference including photos and videos. Help us by spreading word!

And by all means, join the conversation on Twitter using #afterschoolnj
Diane Genco
Executive Director
NJSACC: The Network for New Jersey's Afterschool Communities