This coffee is a full natural, i.e., sun-dried cherry.  It most closely resembles a Natural Sidamo. On a scale of 1-10 in fruitiness, this one is about an 8. Fabulous iced coffee (great hot, too).  Big body.  Deep, bittersweet chocolate. Aggressive warm fruits: cherry, strawberry. Lemon verbena.
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Mysore Nuggets is the flagship Arabica coffee of India. Its name speaks to a place (Mysore, India) and the size of the beans (large), not to how the coffee farmer feels after bringing the coffee down the mountain. Like all things Indian, it is distinctive. Mysore is a mild coffee, but with lots of complexity and nuance. It's found extensively throughout Europe, but doesn't (unfortunately) enjoy the same popularity here.
This particular coffee is a single estate coffee from our friend Nishant Gujer. His farm, Sethuramen Estate, is one of the most biodiverse I have ever seen, and he farms it using biodynamic methods. It is truly one of the most exquisite coffees in all of India.
Full body, complex. Light earth. Nuttiness and aromatics of sandalwood. Savory notes with pepper, and just a hint of blackberry fruitiness. 

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