"The Talisman"Vol. V, Issue 3
April 2012
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West Law and I have teamed up to produce a series of live and on demand WebCasts. 
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Attorneys Breakfast Club
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Broward County
April 20, 2012
7:30-8:30 AM

April 27, 2012
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Guest Speaker:
Gene Anderson
University of Miami
School of Business Administration

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Accutane Injury Information
CLICK here to find the latest information about Accutane injuries. 


Looking for an office space in Coral Gables?
We have an attractive office space conveniently located next door to the Coral Gables Courthouse.

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National Debate on Health Care
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It has been a while since I have seen our country as interested and divided in the outcome of a Supreme Court case as it is in the challenge to the Affordable Care Act.  Yet while our country was  "distracted" by Obamacare, another law easily passed through the House that may have far more significant ramifications for patient safety and care.

H.R. 5 is the latest attempt to strip states and juries from their roles in regulating the standard of health care and the damages owed to victims of careless hospitals and doctors.  
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FDA Comes Down on Merck

The FDA recently issued a formal warning letter to Merck and Dohme, the manufacturers of the diabetes drugs Janumet and Januvia, for failing to comply with post-market study deadlines.  The studies were supposed to assess the relationship between the drugs and recent reports of pancreatic damage.

UM LogoWe applaud the warnings; which appear to be the very first under the FDA's new enforcement powers. Violations can result in both Merck and Dohme being charged with mislabeling and fined $250,000.  Read more here:
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Brain Injuries and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Accident victims typically seek and receive immediate medical attention for obvious physical injuries like broken bones, cuts or lacerations.  Often little to no focus is placed on evaluating or treating the emotional trauma associated with an accident, commonly referred to as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or P.T.S.D.  It alarms me when I hear a client complain about sleep loss, terrible images being replayed in his or her head, or feelings of guilt or fear.  Read more here: 

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My daughter Sara Rose was the inspiration for my first children's book.  The story tells the tale of an argumentative fourth grader who wants to be a lawyer.  I wrote the book to inspire kids to become lawyers while educating them about famous lawyers in history and how one becomes a lawyer.
The proceeds of "Sara Rose, Kid Lawyer" go to support Lawyers to the Rescue, a not-for-profit humanitarian initiative created by lawyers to provide help to those in need around the world.  For more information or to purchase your signed copy, click here.
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UM LogoScott Kotler has defended DUI cases in Miami for over 20 years now.  I recently asked him about the one thing anyone arrested for DUI should know.  His answer may surprise you:

Historically, the State Attorney's Office has wanted to get "drunk drivers" off the streets and show a high conviction rate ...that meant vigorous prosecution with little mercy for first time offenders! 
Read more here: 
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How To Avoid Being Caught in an Operating Room Fire

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A recent FDA study revealed that nearly 650 fires occur in operating rooms, during routine surgeries, every year. Oftentimes, causing serious injuries.


Most agree that the root cause of surgical fires involves the combination of high concentrations of oxygen and an ignition source, such as an electrosurgical unit or laser. This is referred to as the "Fire Triangle."  Read More Here:  



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