Volume 5 | October 19, 2017
Thank You!
On behalf of the River Road and Santa Clara Community Organizations, as well as the City and County staff team supporting this project, we want to thank everyone that was able to join us at North Eugene High School on Tuesday night. It is exciting to see that so many people care deeply about the River Road and Santa Clara neighborhoods. Having twice as many people show up as we expected was a nice surprise and, we are thankful to everyone who showed patience and flexibility as neighbors helped neighbors set up extra tables and chairs to accommodate nearly 400 people .
We'll Report Back Soon!
As you can imagine, there are a lot of maps and ideas to pour through over the next few weeks. We will get back to you just as soon as we can with a report on what was heard.

From an initial look at the things people said they value in their neighborhood, it is clear that farmland, natural areas, and parks play an important part in your quality of life. Local streets that connect neighbors, building community, and allowing for space between homes are all also important.

Outreach efforts are ongoing to ensure we hear from folks who weren't able to attend the event on Tuesday. These efforts will help form a balanced vision for the future of River Road and Santa Clara. Stay tuned to this newsletter and our website for more results and ways to get involved.
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The River Road and Santa Clara Community Organizations, in collaboration with neighbors, businesses, the City of Eugene and Lane County, are creating a vision that will guide decision-making in River Road and Santa Clara for decades to come.