30 Oct-13 Nov 2017
God opens so many doors to share the Bible - helping children become 'Free to Live' in Guatemala.



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But you, my friends, keep on building yourselves up on your most sacred faith. Pray in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Jude 1:20 (GNT)
Praise God that when we pray, it is not about our words, how eloquent we are, how well we express ourselves, or even the language we speak. Rather the power of prayer in is the one who hears. Thank God that when we pray, we call on the power of the Holy Spirit himself.

We are so encouraged to share some wonderful answers to prayer here and we know you will be blessed as you join us in rejoicing. Yet we urge you to keep on praying into situations that remain difficult. 

How encouraging to know that as we pray, we are in turn built up in our 'most sacred faith'. Connecting with God through prayer, on behalf of others, draws us deeper into relationship and communion with Him. Thank you for your faithful intercession.
'Many are thirsty to know the Bible' - Jordan Bookfair

Amman bookfair 2017
Many children visited the stand with school teachers and left with gifts of audio Scripture.
The Bible Society of Jordan was among nearly 350 publishers from 17 countries who took part in the Amman International Bookfair in October. People from all walks of life stopped at their stand to ask about Bibles and Christian books on display. 

Schoolchildren came with their teachers and they were full of excitement when they were given free pictures and audio Scriptures.

An Iraqi refugee called Firas was one of the volunteers running the stand. He sees the book fair as opportunity to advocate for the Bible among people who have never had the chance to encounter it before. 

A young woman from another faith sat and watched the Jesus Film playing on a screen at the stand. It took huge courage to do this, when Firas offered her a free copy of the Jesus film, she happily accepted.

"Many people are thirsty to know the Bible, so they stop to ask questions about it or to buy a copy," he explained. Firas spoke of a young man, observing the Bible Society's stand from a distance. Firas beckoned him over and asked him if he'd ever read the Bible. "No," he answered, "but I have heard about Christianity and have some wonderful Christian friends." When Firas gave him a free Bible, he took it, grasped Firas's hand tightly and said, "I tell you honestly, Christianity is the greatest religion in the world," before disappearing quickly into the crowd.

These are just a few of the encounters God allowed to happen at the Bookfair, Pray that doors remain open for Bible Societies to attend events like this. Pray for the lady who took the Jesus film, the young man who took the Bible and the many children who left with pictures and audio Scriptures. Would God open their ears to His Words and lead them in to new life.
'Free to Live' in Guatemala

Ministering to children whose lives have been so difficult. May God bring restoration and healing.
You may remember back in March, we asked you to pray following a fire in a children's shelter in Guatemala. This home sheltered more than 120 children and young people and was one of the shelters that the Bible Society in Guatemala partners with through their 'Free to Live' programme. They work specifically with young girls who have been trafficked or exploited. We have been supporting this project and were heartbroken to hear of this tragedy.
40 girls lost their lives in this fire with around the same number of children left injured. So many young lives lost and others changed for ever. Many of these children had already been through untold suffering in their short lives. 
The Shelter, home to 120, has been forced to close its doors. All the girls had to be rehomed. Some have been able to return to their families while others have been placed in different private Shelters.

The Bible Society of Guatemala have been working with some of these children and young people for more than five years and they do not want to leave them now. This represented a major challenge for the project, as the team literally had to go and knock the doors of some of these private Shelters and begin to address the need, not only in one place but in several places, which naturally involved more logistical work.

Thank God, he has opened the doors and through this they have even managed to begin helping some new girls with the same profiles of trafficking or abuse.

Please keep praying for God to move in healing and restoration for these girls whose lives have been so difficult. Pray for continued opportunities for the Bible Society to connect with and minister to young people who are hurting. Pray for those who are healing from injury and trauma following the fire, many are left with lasting scars.

You can read more information about the 'Free to Live' project and how supporters here have helped young girls find new life.  Read more here.
Central African Republic - Healing amidst Battle 

Sylvain Ndjendol___ General Secretary of the Bible Society in the Central African Republic
General Secretary Sylvain Ndjendola.
In recent years we have prayed for the very difficult Bible Society ministry in war-torn Central African Republic. Amidst turmoil, death and displacement, work continues on Bible translation, distribution and ministry.  Two years ago, General Secretary Sylvain Ndjendol√© took severely ill and since then he has been in France receiving medical treatment, supported by the fellowship of Bible Societies around the world. His passion for Christ has not faded and he remains faithful to his calling.

Sylvain recently wrote a letter to the United Bible Societies fellowship. We know you will be blessed to read these excerpts. He wrote,

'You persevered on your knees in prayer, asking 'Yaweh-Rapha' (the Lord who heals), to intervene in my favour. Through this, you demonstrated the deep meaning of the Christian fellowship that unites us in Bible work across the world, for there is no true faith and no love for the Lord without love for our brothers and sisters... your prayers have enabled me to get free of this disease, even though it is currently only in remission... Nevertheless, I can tell you that the Lord healed me, and I am convinced that God will bring about a miracle. I am the answer to your prayers... I also ask that you continue to intercede so that God's will might be done through this illness - the fight goes on!
I return home to the Central African Republic on October 17. I will be back with my family, whom I have not seen all that time, and will also continue with the Bible work that the Lord called me to carry out in my nation.'

Please pray for Sylvain as he resumes work and for the ongoing challenges of ministry in such a tumultuous nation. Praise God for healing and the inspirational spirit of people like Sylvain who are part of the United Bible Societies fellowship.

If you are interested in more information, this article sheds a little light. (This is a news item and does not report Bible Society opinion.)

Association of Mission Societies, Carol Service

All will be welcome to join us in St Anne's Cathedral for this evening of Advent carols and global stories. Bible Society NI will be taking part in the programme celebrating the birth of Christ our Saviour and the partnership of mission agencies to continue the spread of the Gospel around the world. 


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