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Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11 (NIV)
This verse is mentioned later in this edition of Prayer Circle as a call to carry one another's burdens in difficult times. This can be done in many ways, from prayer, to practical help. From slowing down long enough to listen, to sharing what we have with those in need.

We all need help at some stage, let's not become so self-reliant that we neglect to live in community as God intends.

For some of us, that means letting the wall down a little, or maybe reaching out in love to someone lonely. Maybe it is as simple as offering a lift, or setting time aside to pray.

Let's remember the call to 'build each other up', whether that means our neighbours, family or people on the other side of the world struggling to survive. How can we 'encourage one another' today?
Keep praying for Hurricane-devastated Communities 

Hurricane Maria 2017
Puerto Rico has been devastated by Hurricane Maria.
Michael Perreau is the Director General of the United Bible Societies, the fellowship that we are a part of, along with 140+ Bible Societies around the world. 

He recently asked for continued prayer for the regions affected by the destructive force of nature in the Americas. We must keep the people of these countries in our hearts.

"I know we are all heavy-hearted to see areas of the Americas continuing to be impacted by extreme weather events, with Hurricane Nate the most recent natural disaster moving through the region. We stand together as one fellowship, lifting up in prayer our brothers and sisters serving amidst the affected communities, and with a commitment to do what we can to support them and their ministry at this time. As 1 Thessalonians 5:11 says, "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." Let us carry one another's burdens at this time, both in prayer and in practical assistance, and let's pray for God's peace to come to bear over the weather in the region. Yours in Christ, Michael"

We know that we highlighted this issue in the last Prayer Circle, but we would ask you to continue to pray for God's hand in this region. We see much disaster in this broken world, but we also know and see the kingdom at work in the midst of such heartache. Please pray that God's presence and comfort will be so real and that through the actions and love of his people, God will change lives in these coming weeks and months.
Light at Sunset participant
Light at Sunset participant
Pray for Chile

This year we have been supporting the 'Light at Sunset' project in Chile. This is a wonderful ministry in partnership with local churches, reaching out to older people who are often isolated and lonely.
Rodolfo is the Projects Manager in the Bible Society in Chile. He recently got in touch to thank us - and you - for the support we give to the ministry there. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Rodolfo says that this progress "could not be possible without the Bible Society in Northern Ireland support, so we thank the Lord for you everybody at Bible Society in Northern Ireland and its donors." He also asks us to pray for their country and ministry...
"Please continue to pray for the elderly community in Chile, and for the churches that have begun this journey, to persevere and grow in this mission. We also ask you to pray for our country, Presidential elections are coming up November 19th, and after abortion was legalized (among other laws) we pray for a true leader for the country, according to God's will. Also, the AraucanĂ­a zone in the south of Chile (where the Translation Project of the Old Testament to MapudungĂșn is conducted, the language of Chile's main indigenous people) is going through severe episodes of violence. Due to the claiming of land by ancestral Mapuche families against the government, extremist groups burned 18 churches in 2016, and in 2017, they have burned 5. The arson attacks have affected both Catholic and Evangelical churches, and even caused the death on an elderly couple in their house when it was burned in one of these attacks." 
There is much to pray for here. If you signed up for 12 Prayers this year, you will have prayed for the 'Light at Sunset' ministry last week. To read more about it follow this link and click "Week 2".
The Good Samaritan Programme - Changing Lives 

Women are learning to lead their families and finding voices in their communities.
This is another story of seeing God at work in a broken world. There are many communities in Africa where the HIV/AIDS virus is still spreading rapidly and people who are suffering are often subjected to unfair stigmatisation from their families and communities. 

We are proud to stand with the United Bible Societies  'Good Samaritan' Programme which teaches about prevention and treatment and works hard to tackle stigmatisation. Churches are the main partners and God is reaching people with his love in some of their darkest days.

The Good Samaritan Program is active in the Congo and they are seeing people come through incredibly difficult and distressing situations, raised up by God to serve others. People who are themselves HIV positive are finding a voice in their own community from which they have previously been shunned. Church leaders are being equipped with the skills to counsel people who are HIV positive in their congregation.

Please pray for the ministry in the Congo, and in many other African nations, where God's love is breaking through stigma, illness and isolation to lead people back into hope as they discover relationship with Him and are helped to get the assistance they need.

Read the story of one woman in the Congo whose life went from despair to courage. This is not the easiest read, but may God be glorified for how he is rescuing lives!

Bible Sunday 2017 - ACTIVE
Sunday 29th October - Bible Sunday in the Church of Ireland.
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Resources are still available for FREE DOWNLOAD here, so if you have't had a look already, make sure you don't miss out.

Presbyterian and Methodist Churches will hold Bible Sunday on  10th December .   Of course, you can always pick another date that fits better with your church calendar.

12 Prayers is sent by email on Tuesday mornings in the 12 weeks leading up to Christmas. 

Each week we will ask you to pray for a different Bible Society, sharing some of their work with you, from things to celebrate to urgent prayer needs. Have a look here...

This is a wonderful way to keep our hearts focused on the truth of Christmas - the coming of Jesus Christ and the spread of His Kingdom to all people.

Don't worry if you have missed a few weeks, you can pop in at any stage. 
Speaking Engagements

Tue 17 Oct, 2pm  - Leah is at Molesworth Presbyterian Senior Citizen's group.
Tue 17 Oct, 8pm  - Catherine is at Cleenish Church of Ireland Mother's Union.
Thur 19 Oct, 7.30pm - Leah is at Fintona Presbyterian Women's group.
Fri 20 Oct, 7.30pm - Leah is at Minterburn & Caledon Presbyterian Women's group.
Sun 22 Oct, 10am & 11.30am - Catherine is at Glenary Church of Ireland.
Tues 24 Oct, 2pm - Leah is at Jennymount Methodist MWI.
Tues 24 Oct, 6pm - Catherine is at Stranmillis CU.
Wed 25 Oct, 8pm - Catherine is at Carryduff Presbyterian.

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