Thanksgiving - a day of Gratitude
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We human beings love a ritual don’t we? We actually need festivals and rituals, it is what brings us together, strengthens our tribal connections, feeds our community spirit and gives us our ‘social glue’.

Right now all over North America, and the Caribbean, families and friends will be gathering to celebrate the great festival of ‘Thanksgiving’. A coming together of huge historic significance to celebrate and give thanks for the preceding harvest. There is a certain traditional (ritual) fare, and many would hate to deviate from it.

It's the same at Christmastime too. Here in Europe we have our traditional Christmas Dinner, we like to get together with everyone for a pre-Christmas drink, (and dash about saying “let’s meet up before Christmas!”) we put up certain decorations and in many families do things a very definite way.

But I’m not just talking about those family gathering times of thanksgiving, Christmas, traditional religious festivals, weddings, baptisms and funerals, (of any culture or creed) but those slightly rarer gatherings and festivals which in days gone by would have perhaps been classified as pagan. Yet all of these festivals and rituals originate in gratitude and thanks giving.

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