By Voddie Baucham   
When people find out I'm in Africa working at a Christian University, their response is almost always the same. They assume that ACU is a "Bible College" of some sort. They are always shocked and amazed when I tell them that the first four courses of study we offer are Agriculture, Education, Business, and Theology. The next question is, "So you want the pastors to be bi-vocational?"

 It is amazing how far and fast we have fallen away from the Puritan model and ideal of education. Ironically, even some Classical model home educators have a hard time wrapping their head around the application of Classical, Christian, Liberal Arts education 1) in Africa, 2) at the university level, and 3) in every discipline! So I've had to come up with a simple way to explain the concept.

Two Ruling Principles -- The first step to helping people understand our approach is to establish what I like to call the two ruling principles. One:  God created all things for his glory. Two: There is no area of education (or life) that is exempt from this reality.

God Created All Things for His Glory -- The Catechism for Boys and Girls is a great discipleship tool for children. I find its opening questions helpful in establishing the first principle: Q. Who made you? A. God made me. Q. What else did God make? A. God made all things Q. Why did God make you and all things? A. For his own glory! This, of course, is a progression that helps communicate the same truth we find in the first question of the Westminster Shorter Catechism: Q. What is the chief end of man? A. To glorify God and enjoy him forever! In both instances, we have a clear presentation of the first ruling principle: God created all things for his glory! Because this is true, the second principle is easy to anticipate. If God made us and all things in order to glorify himself, there can be no area of education (or anything else) that is considered 'off limits' in terms of the truth, beauty, and goodness we find in God's word.

There is no Area of Education That is Exempt from This Reality -- The application of this principle is and always has been the essence of Classical, Christian, Liberal Arts education. God is about the business of redeeming all things. He does not save his people solely to take them to heaven when they die. He intends for them to live God-glorifying lives along the way. We see this from Solomon's admonition, "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might" (Eccl 9:10), to Paul's echo of the same, "So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." (1 Cor 10:31)

Because this is true, Christians should not be confounded by the idea of a Classical, Christian, Liberal Arts university; they should be confounded by the idea of anything else! How dare we deign to teach any subject from a "secular" perspective? How dare we teach mathematics or biology, or literature as though God has no say in the matter? And how dare we establish universities, whether in Africa or anywhere else, that promote the idea that the only place we need to press God's sovereign rule is in Bible and theology! 

Interestingly enough, this approach also results in a level and type of training for future pastors that prepares them to read, interpret, and teach the Bible in a manner befitting the magnitude of their calling. 

By Dr. Ken Turnbull, ACU Vice-Chancellor 
The core values and education philosophy of African Christian University set a stringent course for all of the faculty members in curriculum preparation and pedagogy. It is a very high calling for an instructor to teach into an African cultural context from a systemic Christian worldview resulting in a holistic, unified education that builds faith resulting in character that displays the workmanship of Christ. This is the revival of a Puritan, Christian vision for education with expression in Africa. While there are many resources available to assist faculty in curriculum preparations, it is very rare to find an off-the-shelf textbook at the higher education level that meets the requirements (note, however, that such textbooks are more accessible at the elementary and secondary school levels, although contextualisation to Africa is still needed). Therefore, a significant part of the Christian scholarly work of ACU's faculty members will always include the development of literature, curriculum and media that effectively expresses the Christian worldview with relevance to the African context in all of the academic disciplines and their vocational expressions. This will remain an ongoing task of ACU to offer Christian educators the educational opportunities to help them to nurture their gifts, talents and educational experiences towards innovative expressions of their faith through the academic disciplines in which they teach and mentor.

ACU is very excited about assisting in the cultivation of passion, assistive methods and systems, and creative thinking that will advance Christ-exalting education in all of the academic disciplines across the breadth of the fine arts, humanities and sciences. It is firmly believed that the church and its gospel message will be greatly advanced for cultural transformation of Africa resulting in global impact through such educational endeavours.  

Be ready! Announcements are coming of seminars and workshop s inviting  the participation of Christian educators to stimulate their thinking and advance their abilities to express Christian faith and doctrines through teaching of any and all academic disciplines. As Christian educators, the task through education is to disciple followers of Christ nurturing and advancing the disciples' abilities to image God in all aspects of life and vocation.

Please be praying for those Christian educators who will participate in these developmental opportunities. May God raise up a generation of Christian educators who will initiate a paradigm shift in education for Africa that will impact the world for God's mission of reconciliation of everything through Christ to Himself.

With Tshepo Rathiaya 
ACU: Why did you decide to attend the Bachelors Programme at ACU?

I am one of the pioneering students of African Christian University who graduated from the Scholars Programme. The Scholars Programme is the preparatory programme in a Christian worldview for university, and my experience in this programme has largely shaped my decision to attend the Bachelors Programme at African Christian University (ACU). 
There are four reasons why I decided to attend the Bachelors Programme. The first reason is because everything is taught from a Christian worldview, framework through which we view God, the world and man. I was intrigued by this and how it applies in Business, Agriculture, Education, and obviously in Theology etc. The second reason is their holistic approach in teaching: they do not only speak to the head but also to the heart, not only to our careers but also to our human condition. The third reason is the Afro-centric approach. They want Africans to know who they are by knowing more of their Creator and equip them to subdue the land and serve God through people. Lastly, the Advisee Group, the group which allows one-on-one relationships for discipleship. It also encourages us to identify problems and solutions through discussions with our respective lecturers.    

ACU: What courses are you taking this term? 
Tshepo: The courses are taught from a well-rounded Christian worldview in whatever discipline or field of study I will stream into. I am studying the following courses: English Composition (EC1), Basic Latin (BL1), Mathematics for Liberal Arts, Old Testament Survey (OTS) and History of Thought (HoT).

ACU: What has been the biggest challenge in this first month at ACU? 
Tshepo: I have three challenges: financial, spiritual and academic. The tuition fees of the Bachelors Programme are still outstanding. I am praying and looking for sponsorship. Secondly, that I may value my spiritual relationship with the Lord and be disciplined in devoting myself to Him. That I may also be diligent and disciplined in leading the life I am called to lead as a student.

ACU: What has been the biggest blessing in this first month at ACU?  
Tshepo: The biggest blessing is having a deep and true sense of fellowship through which our teacher-student relationships are cultivated. These relationships have created a conducive and constructive teaching and learning environment. They are also effective and necessary for progressive learning.

ACU:  What are your thoughts regarding your interactions with the faculty and staff?   
Tshepo: The faculty and staff are an encouragement and an example to me. They have shaped how to live in a community: relate and serve others. They are supportive, professional and personal. Personally, they have encouraged me spiritually, socially, academically, and vocationally. They are guiders and God's means of sanctification (growth in Christlike character).

ACU: How can we pray for you?  
Tshepo: Please pray for the following: For God's providence or means for sponsorship to cover my tuition fees for this year. That I may seek to glorify and enjoy Him even in my studies. That I may be a good and faithful student in leading the life I am called to lead as a student! That God's grace will be sufficient in my weaknesses and in a whirlwind of challenges I face. 
Your prayers are greatly appreciated for the unexpected situation that has occurred with the 2017 Scholars Programme (SP). An organisation that sponsored many of the 2016 students had decided to sponsor 22 of the 25 students for the 2017 SP. Unexpectedly, due to financial challenges faced by that organisation, ACU was informed three weeks into the first term that they would be shifting the sponsored students to the organisation's own gap-year programme after the first term of the SP. Despite the amazing grace of God that the organisation's top administrators acknowledged was obvious in the transformation of the students who they sponsored in the 2016 SP, they regrettably expressed that they were forced to withdraw participation of sponsored students after the first term of the 2017 SP. Please pray that these 22 students will experience God's saving grace within this 10 week exposure to the SP, and that the foundations of understanding and applying the Christian worldview of themselves as God's image-bearers and its impact on them as self-educators will impact their futures for God's glory. The result of this unexpected turn-of-events is that ACU has initiated a rapid re-enrolment campaign through national advertisements in newspapers, television and radio to try to re-initiate the three-term SP by 18 April. This has brought unexpected financial burdens and logistical issues upon ACU. Please pray for God's provision as we fully trust that His will is being accomplished through these unexpected events. We anticipate testifying of His grace as His purpose unfolds.


If God has gifted you as an artisan of excellence in any aspect of the construction trade, consider discipling colleagues and students with ACU. Please contact us if you believe God is calling you to serve His kingdom
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Current Faculty Needs: 
Theology, Education, Business and Agriculture
with future expansion to cover
all humanities and sciences 

* The massive effort behind the accreditation process for the Degree Programmes continues.

* New policy guidelines for Finances and Human Resources is being rolled-out by the ACU administrative team.

* Finalisation of plans for discovering sustainable water sources for the ACU campus in Chisamba.

* A late advertising campaign for the re-enrolment of students for the 2017 Scholars Programme is underway.  Please pray for a fruitful response.  For more information please see the appropriate article in this update.

* The home of Davey Hoffman (Mathematics) and Prashant Thakkar (Office Manager) was burglarised resulting in the loss of two expensive MacBook laptops and other electronics. If you would like to offer financial assistance, gifts are being accepted through acu-zambia.com/donate. Please note that the gift is for laptop replacement. Thank you!

* There was a great turnout of educators from the churches for the ACU Christian Education Seminar last month.

* Plans for regular workshops are moving ahead to include many educators from the Zambian churches for ACU Faculty Development.

* ACU is most grateful for the excellent staff and faculty who are devoting themselves to the necessary labors with vision and vigor.

* The Zambian Higher Education Authority is finalising preparations of the guidelines for the accreditation process of higher education institutes.

* ACU is grateful for the inclusion of Dr. John Byl (Emeritus Professor, Trinity Western University) for the 2017 Christian Scholars Week program running 22-24 Feb.
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