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Congratulations to Jackie for getting a commercial audition from Paradigm Agency that she met at our showcases!
The showcases always begin with an in-depth Q and A starting at 7 pm, followed by an audition in front of the industry. There will be plenty of sides provided the night of the event (you may also bring your own scene or monologue), where you will be reading with a reader. You will go in one at a time. You can leave when you're done!  Do not miss these opportunities to get in front of industry each week! It's an opportunity to gain the knowledge and open the doors necessary to land those TV and film roles! (It's not enough to just learn how to must do your part to get noticed too!)
(In all showcases we start the Q&A right at 7pm but you may come later if you need to!)


THURSDAY: Meet BRAND NEW GUEST Eliza Khan of Amy Gossels Casting!
Thursday, October 24 from 7-9pm (Try to get there by 7 pm but no worries if you can't. All are welcome!)
36th Street Studios
260 West 36th St.
3rd Fl/ Room D
btwn 7-8th Ave.
Price: $ 30
 *THIS IS A GREAT ONE FOR ALL OF YOU AS THEY DO LOTS OF LOW BUDGET INDEPENDENT FILMS! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU SHOULD ALL BE TRYING TO GET AT THIS TIME! An excellent casting director for those just starting the business and looking to get some credits and reel on yourself. She is a very busy office doing loads of different projects!*
One of the TRUE independent CD's in New York working in many different areas, Amy's auditioned and booked so many actors from these types of seminars in film, commercials, industrials and print that we've lost count! She is the on-going Casting Director for the new hybrid production "The Ride" from the creators of Blue Man Group which launched in mid-town Manhattan in November 2010 has been the casting director, and in many cases a producer, for more than seventy film productions in New York. She casts tons of commercials, most recent campaigns include Wrigley Gum, Blue Cross Blue Shield, AARP, Canon Cameras, Disney's campaign for "Mary Poppins" on Broadway, Norelco, Powermat, Orbit Gum, Kodak and the PSA for USTA. She also did additional casting for the IFC TV series "Z Rock" and for the challenges on the 2010 season of NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice". In addition, the short film "Tub", which she cast, premiered at Sundance last year and she is also the Casting Director and Co-Producer for the upcoming feature film "Father's Day" starring David Moscow. Feature film casting credits include "Something's Gotta Give" starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, "Godsend" starring Robert DeNiro, Joe Maggio's Sundance hit "Milk & Honey", Duncan Roy's "Picture of Dorian Gray" starring David Gallagher and Christian Camargo, Lance Doty's Western feature "Shoot First and Pray You Live" starring James Russo, Jim Gaffigan, Richard Tyson and John Doman. Definitely a CD who should know YOUR work.
Feature Films include "Something's Gotta Give", starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, "Goodsend", starring Robert DeNiro, Joe Maggio's Sundance hit "Milk & Honey", "Picture of Dorian Gray", starring David Gallagher, "Shoot First and Pray You Live", starring James Russo and upcoming "Humdinger" starring David Moscow, "Molly's Theory of Relativity" directed by Jeff Lipsky. And "Visitors", the latest feature film collaboration from Godfrey Reggio and Philip Glass. More than 30 award-winning short films including Academy Award winner "Zen and The Art of Landscaping" starring Jacob Pitts and Mark Blum, "Herb" starring Amanda Peet, "Young Americans" starring Lukas Haas, "Falling Objects", starring Timothy Hutton and Melissa Leo.
"Walls" starring Norman Reedus. "Something for Henry" starring Sabrina Lloyd, "Hi-Ya" starring Lynn Cohen, "5G" starring Ramon Rodriguez, "Solidarity" starring Michael Stuhlbarg, "Wrigley" starring Peter Gerety, "Daypass" starring James Urbaniak, "Girl's Guide to The Galaxy" starring Paz De La Huerta, "Happenstance" starring Margaret Colin and Jay O. Sanders, currently airing on HBO and "TUB" which premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Ms. Gossels also recently cast for the upcoming feature "Sweet Lorraine" starring Tatum O'Neal, "Visitors", the latest collaboration from Godfrey Reggio and Philip Glass, the feature documentary "Bill W. and The History of Alcoholics Anonymous", "The Child Resiliency Project", a series of films for SESAME STREET and she is also the Co-Producer and Casting Director for the upcoming feature film "Humdinger" starring David Moscow. She also did additional casting for the upcoming horror film "Old 37"and "All Those F*#@ing Sunflowers". , currently in post-production. In addition, Ms. Gossels has been the casting director for the Dram Desk Award nominated hybrid entertainment production "The Ride", from the creators of Blue Man Group which began its New York City run in November 2011.  
2013 Discovery ID TV Special "The Bad Old Days", 2013 segments for "The Daily  Show", 2013 TV Pilot "The Accomplice", 2012 promos for "RuPaul's Drag Race", 2012 Sesame Street Film "The Child Resiliency Project, 2010-2012 Comedy Central 's "Night Of Too Many Stars", starring Jon Stewart, Tina Fey, Seth Rogen, and Tracy Morgan, 2012 TV Series "American Caravan" for Visonaire Media., 2011 NBC "The Apprentice" and 2010 NBC "Celebrity Apprentice", 2009 TV Series "Disney Park Celebration Showdown", Promos for NBC's "The Event", 2009 Discovery Science Channel's "Popular Science -The Future Of", 2009 Tru TV Series "NJ Pool Party", 2009 Season of IFC TV Series "Z Rock Discovery Channel's Original Movie: "Perfect Disasters: Solar Storm", Lifetime Television Reality Series "Mom's Cooking", "Tilly and The Wall" Pilot for Sesame Street and Spike TV Reality Pilot "Get Your Sack Back"; Hosts for Nick@Nite's "Road Crew" and A&E 's "Biography". Promos, Image Campaigns and Station ID's for dozens of networks including NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS News, Discovery Channel, Lifetime, Court TV, TLC, MTV, MTV Tres, MTViggy, Nick@Nite, TV Land, The History Channel, The Speed Network., and LOGO.  
American Express, Nike, Coca-Cola, General Electric,   Merck, Sears, IBM, Visa, Visa Platinum, Tylenol, Microsoft, Sony, Infiniti, Reuters, Rolex, PPA, Johnson &
Johnson, Dell Computers, Reebok, Gardisil, DeBeers, Verizon, Maybelline, HewlettPackard, Prilosec, Nokia, Siemans, Nikon, Burger King, WaMu (Washington Mutual), Comcast, "I Love NY", PPA, Cablevision, Sony, Liberty Medical, Budweiser, Priceline, Novartis, "Truth" Anti-Smoking PSA, Colgate, Conair, Sony HD Television, Carrera Sunglasses, Remington Razors, Nikon, Invisalign, Costco, Curve Fragrance, Humera, Kodak, SoBe, Valeo,American Cancer Society, Disney's Broadway production "Mary Poppins", Dairy Queen, First Union Bank, IRS, Kid's Foot Locker,   Journey's Shoes, Pepcid AC,Curve Fragrance, Linux, Investor's Business Daily, Everlast, AT&T, "Real Reform", Hewlett Packard, Corcoran Real Estate, Broadway's "The Color Purple", Veteran's Oral Cancer, Gold Council, Pearson Educational, CSL-Berhing, Humalog, Ethicon, Amitiza, Dentaburst, XpresSpa,   Kahlua, Sonic, Fast Company Magazine, Powermat, Jabra Halo, Soliris, MySpace, Cookie Magazine, Soliris, ChildFund, Pertussis Vaccine, British Castrol, Orbit Gum, Extra Chewing Gum, Wrigley Chewing Gum, Nike, AARP, Aflac, Sonic, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Fidelity Investments, Speedo, Norelco, Arrow Shirts, Comcast, Redken, Fluent, NY1,, Talk To Your Children" Anti-Drug PSA, U.S.T.A. PSA, "Stay in School" PSA, Promo for "The Spy Exhibit", Hershey's, Lenovo, Isotonix, Jameson Whiskey, Redken, Sam Adams, Optimum Online, Marc O'Polo Clothing, Empire City Casino, Best Buy, and PSA's for Mom's Rising and NYSERDA, "The Me" Internet project, and the "Educational Travel Company" Print Campaign.



In addition to adult actors for film and TV, Amy Gossels casting will see: kids/teens, singers/dancers, commercial/voiceover actors, print/models.



People who barter have a two month window to redeem classes and showcases from time of service.


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