For Colleagues, Patients and Followers:
I have selected below a set of intriguing resources on adolescent development, parenting, and the socialization of children.  I hope you enjoy these offerings. 

The Adolescent Brain
In this excellent TedTalk, cognitive neuroscientist Sarah-Jayne Blakemore describes brain development during adolescence and portrays the neurocognitive underpinnings of teens' cognitive, moral and social capacities. 
Adolescent Risk-Taking
Laurence Steinberg, distinguished professor of psychology at Temple University, provides this fascinating presentation on adolescent risk-taking. 
Michael Britt's "Your Adolescence is Giving Me a Mid-Life Crisis"
Michal A. Britt, Ph.D. hosts The Psyche Files Podcast, an insightful podcast series that addresses a range of psychological issues.  His podcast on the impact of parenting an adolescent is a must-listen. 
The "Alpha Child"
In an interview conducted by "Family Anatomy", developmental psychologist Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D. characterizes the psychological and family systems dynamics responsible for the growing emergence of the "alpha child."
Hugh Weber on "Raising a Child of Possibility"
Hugh Weber, the author of "From Dude to Dad: The First 9 Months," offers a moving TedTalk on his approach to parenting (based on what he remembers of how he was parented as a child).
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