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Attorney Spotlight Elizabeth Hollie

Why do you do what you do? 

I enjoy helping people who wouldn't have access to an attorney otherwise. The average attorney fees is more than what some with low-income can afford. This allows me to help give them the service they deserve, despite their low-income. 

What is your most memorable experience? 

When I went to a hearing for a default divorce. The judge granted the divorce and the expression on the client's face was that of relief and peace. Winning that case for her - seeing that she was free from someone who had been abusive, that was very rewarding for me.It confirmed that I made the right decision to come here [to LSA]. I didn't realize how big of an impact I'd make on someone's life. 

What advice can you give attorneys thinking about working with LSA and its offices? 

I would advise them to give their all no matter how small they think the case is, because there are really no small cases. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I like taking pictures -- random nature photos. I took a photography class in junior college. I used to do parties and weddings to pay for law school, but it took the fun out of photography for me. My favorite scene is a creek off the side of the road when you see the water just flowing -- it's a unique scene.

 *A graduate of The University of Alabama at Birmingham and the Birmingham School of Law, Hollie spent one year as a solo practitioner, handling landlord/tenant, property, and debt collection cases. Hollie has been with LSA since March 2017.

LSA Helps Elderly Veteran Keep His Home                           

Laying on the bed with his eyes closed, Mr. Alfred C. Parker, 76, is resting comfortably. A U.S. Army veteran, Mr. Parker is spending this day reminiscing about his years in the Armed Services. 

Mr. Parker was stationed in Europe and throughout the U.S. during the 1950s, before finally making Mobile his current home. 

"I was stationed in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, El Paso, Texas - where I ran the message center," Parker said. "An aide wanted me to go to Paris to be a part of the Southern European Task Force. I was homesick so I passed up the opportunity, which I regret." 

As with so many other veterans who've returned home, Parker, whose only income is Social Security, is living below the poverty line. According to recent research from the Department of Veterans Affairs, poverty rates for veterans increased by 8.7 percent between 2005 and 2012, and are still rising. 

Mr. Parker, who almost lost his home to foreclosure earlier this year, took out a home equity loan for home repairs. Unable to make payments toward his loan because of personal sickness, Parker turned to Legal Services Alabama for solutions.                                 

LSA's Ann Brown, Managing Attorney, and Sherri Thomas, Staff Attorney in the Mobile office, came to Parker's aid. Ms. Thomas was able to drive Mr. Parker to a private bankruptcy attorney, who filed a bankruptcy on Mr. Parker's behalf to stop the foreclosure sale. Ms. Thomas then applied for a loan modification on Parker's behalf. Mr. Parker's loan modification application was approved. He completed his Trial Payment Plan, which reduced his mortgage payments. He is now current on his payments and able to continue to reside in the house left to him by his parents. 

For Thomas, helping Parker to live out his remaining days on his terms, was extremely important. 

"Mr. Parker was in his late 70s and did not have any family members to offer him any financial assistance," Thomas said. "Mr. Parker suffers from several medical ailments that prevent him from being mobile, and is sometimes bedridden for days. Mr. Parker told me that he wanted to live the rest of his life in his home instead of a nursing home. It was my goal to be able to accomplish that for him so that he could live the rest of his life in the comfort of his own home." 

These days, Parker can rest without worries or fear of homelessness. 

"Everyone needs a place to lay their head," Parker said. "It's nice to have somewhere to lay your head down. It's nice to not have to move."

         LSA Launches On-site Free Legal Services to Veterans in May   

Client Success Stories

Selma Office Helps Elderly Client Obtain Power of Attorney

Congratulations to Elizabeth Hollie, Staff attorney in the Selma office, for assisting an elderly client in gaining a power of attorney!

Our client was seeking to obtain a power of attorney that would appoint the client's daughter as her agent for handling personal affairs. The client, who was placed in a nursing home rehabilitation facility by another daughter, could not be released from the facility without that particular daughter's signature or a power of attorney. LSA was able to handle the intake, complete any remaining documentation for the client, as well as prepare a power of attorney within the same day. The client was extremely happy!

Thank you to our Selma office advocates who were able to grant an elderly client a power of attorney for estate planning services, making the client feel more secure!


Mobile Office prevents homelessness 

Congratulations to Charlotte Tipton, Lead Attorney in the Mobile office, who was able to keep a single mother and her children from homelessness!

Our client, who is currently employed parttime at a local orthopedic clinic and had very little consistent child support, requested LSA's help for a pending public housing eviction case. LSA filed an answer and asserted an affirmative defense on the client's behalf. LSA was able to negotiate a settlement of the case with the Mobile Housing Authority. Counsel dismissed the case, resulting in our client being able to keep public housing and maintain stability for she and her five children! In addition, the client was also able to pay off $1,962 in past due rent and late fees in full!

Thank you to our Mobile office advocates, who were able to help keep a single mother and her family in their home!

Montgomery Office Helps DV victim Obtain a Divorce

Congratulations to Whitley Hall, Staff Attorney in the Montgomery office, who was able to help a victim of domestic violence escape an abusive marriage! The victim’s spouse, who appeared to be a wholesome and polite in public, was abusive and possessive in private. The client, who was able to show our offices a video of her husband cutting himself and then her, was terrified but ready to get a divorce. Advocates from our Montgomery office filed a complaint in March and a settlement agreement was signed in the beginning of May. The client is now divorced and free to live a life free of abuse!

Thank you to our Montgomery office advocates for helping an abused victim obtain a divorce!

Tuscaloosa Office Protects Client's Home

Thank you to Joseph Abrams, Staff Attorney in the Tuscaloosa Office, who fought for a client’s eviction to be dismissed. The client, a subsidized housing tenant with two children, had been evicted because a barred person was allowed at her home. The case went to trial and the Judge ruled in the client’s favor! Additionally, the client was able to remain in the home!

Thank you to our Tuscaloosa office advocates for getting an eviction dismissed and preserving a client’s housing!


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