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Newsletter of 2nd Unitarian Church of Chicago
May 1, 2017
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Worship at 2U

Sunday, May 7
White Supremacy Teach-In Service at 10:30
Preacher: Rev. Rudra Dundzila
Music: 2U Choir
Director of Music: Amanda Thomas
Accompanist: Carl Kennedy

Sunday, May 14
Service at 10:30
Preacher: Rev. Adam Robersmith
Accompanist: Carl Kennedy

Sunday, May 21
Service at 10:30
Preacher: Rev. Adam Robersmith
Music: Ensemble Alioni
Accompanist: Carl Kennedy

Sunday, May 28
Service at 10:30
Worship Leader: Alicia Obando, Dir. of Faith Development
Music: 2U Choir/Family Choir
Accompanist: Carl Kennedy
__________________ ___
Children & Youth Faith Development Schedule
Child care for infants and toddlers is available every Sunday in the Green Caterpillar room.

Sunday, May 7
Spirit Play
Super Heroes
UU Explorers

Sunday, May 14
Spirit Play
Super Heroes
UU Explorers

Sunday, May 21
Spirit Play
Super Heroes
UU Explorers

Sunday, May 28
Intergenerational Service
Church Office Information & Staff

773-549-0260, ext. 13
Office Hours:
Wed-Thurs afternoons and evenings; Sunday afternoons
Other days & times by appointment

Director of Faith Development
773-549-0260, ext. 12

Director of Music
773-549-0260, ext. 14

Congregational Administrator
773-549-0260, ext. 10
Office Hours: 
Mon-Thurs 10:00-4:00
Other days & times by appointment
Community Minister
Community Minister
2U Ministry Leaders

Board of Trustees
Tom Denio

Adult Faith Dev.


Buddhist Fellowship

Building & Grounds

Committee on Ministries

Covenant of Earth & Sky

Fellowship Committee

Finance Committee

Green Sanctuary


Leadership Development and Nominating Committee


Lifespan Faith Dev.




Night Ministry Outreach

Pastoral Care

Safe Congregations 

Senior Potluck Lunch

Small Group Ministry

Social Justice

Sunday Services

Transylvania Church


Young Adult Group
David Dyer
Stephanie Bens
Board of Trustees 


From the Minister
Each year, May is the month in which we set the foundation for the coming year: our canvass has come to a close, our budget is constructed, and we hold our annual meeting. On Sunday, May 21st, we'll review the past year and elect people to serve on the Board and other committees for the next year. While all this is going on, the staff is preparing for our summer season and beginning to think about the fall as well. This is a time when it is easy to get caught up in the future, rather than keep our attention in this present moment. It is in this present moment, though, that we continue to worship together, get to know one another, act on our principles to make justice real -- and discover the ways in which we meet, exceed, and fail to reach our goals. We look forward to sharing good news about our canvass and budget results, as we hope to meet and exceed those goals!
On Sunday, May 7th, we'll look at one of the ways that our broader society and faith institutions fail by participating in the UU White Supremacy Teach-In. Joining with other UU congregations across the country, our worship and religious education will look at racism and oppression grounded in patterns that frame whiteness as normal, as something to be rewarded, as an ideal. UU religious educators and laypeople of color have called for the congregations of our faith to examine ourselves and our institutions, knowing that this will be a challenging worship for many of us--worship leaders, planners, and attendees alike. Taking a close look at something so painful and shameful about our experience is bound to be uncomfortable. And it is so very important. If we cannot look together at the ways in which we wound and are wounded by racism and white supremacy, we will always be held in patterns we cannot disrupt.
Sometimes, in our discomfort, we can move into defensiveness and fear of change. One of the best antidotes to that fear and defensiveness is curiosity. Another is active and willing listening. We will have pastoral support for our members during and after the service, including a space specifically for pastoral support for people of color.
My prayer this month is that by being present with one another in difficult moments, using curiosity and active listening, we will be able to envision ways to dismantle the systems and beliefs that keep us from fully being with one another in solidarity and faith. I look forward to our being together in transformation, joy, collective action, and love.
Rev. Adam
Have You Pledged Yet? Please e-mail the Office Today!  
As of today, we are approximately $10,000 short of pledges needed to achieve our canvass goals.

The good news is we're off to a good start and 129 households have already pledged. A majority were able to increase their planned contributions!

Most important is reaching the UUA's guideline mid-point compensation level for our minister, Rev. Adam Robersmith. The Finance Committee met yesterday and remains concerned about the number of existing pledgers still outstanding. Whether your pledge is $150 or $2,000 per year, every bit counts.... Please help keep 2U strong and vibrant by e-mailing the office ( )  with your pledge today!  

Thank You!
Save t he Date: 2U  Annual Meeting
Mark your calendars NOW for the annual 2U congregational business meeting after service on Sunday, May 21 in the sanctuary.

As per one of the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism, "the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large," the annual meeting is the time in the life of our congregation when we gather to exercise the democratic process in our church. Additionally, our church bylaws state that it is the member's "right and responsibility to contribute to the democratic life in the community." In order to conduct the business of the congregation, there must be a quorum (25%) of members present. Come and be a part of our church celebration and the planning for next year!

The purpose of the meeting is to:
  • Provide a review of the 2016-17 financial status and accomplishments
  • Approve the proposed 2017-18 church budget
  • Elect new church leaders
Please stay tuned to your inbox in the coming weeks for more information!
Parking at 2U
Parking on Sundays at Illinois Masonic has now changed! Please use the new parking stickers located in the red folder at the Welcome Table to use on your parking receipt when exiting from the parking lot. Please see someone at the Welcome Table on Sundays if you have any questions!
Town Hall Meeting
In preparation for our annual meeting on Sunday, May 21st, there will be a town hall meeting after service on Sunday, May 14th in the sanctuary to discuss the current draft budget for the 2017-18 fiscal year. Board Treasurer, Dana Hill, will be presenting the draft budget and will ask for input from members and friends of the congregation to before the board's vote on the final version of the draft budget during the board meeting on Wednesday, May 17th. Members of the congregation will then vote on the final draft budget at the annual meeting on Sunday, May 21st. Please contact Dana at if you have any comments, questions or ideas.
World Music Concert Series at 2U!
2U is pleased to offer our first World Music Concert Series! With performances by Chicago World Music Chorus, Ensemble Alioni, and Marianne Parker (produced by Crossing Borders Music), this series will bring delightful and powerful music to all audiences. The concerts will be held in the congregation's sanctuary at 656 W. Barry Ave. in Chicago, offering a historic and acoustically rich setting for traditional and composed music from around the world. All concerts are free!

Sunday, May 7th at 5:30 pm
Chicago World Music Chorus

We bring you South African songs of protest and celebration; traditional and modern songs from Caucasus Georgia, Cuba and Zambia, a Turkish Sephardic folk song, and traditional and modern American shape note hymns, including Far Heaven - a wonderful Don Jamison re-imagining of an Issac Watts text.
The 50-strong, non-auditioned Chicago World Music Chorus, directed by Mollie Stone and Patty Cuyler, spans ages from teens to eighty. We meet once a month at 2U and boast singers from throughout Chicago. Our one-set concert will be under one hour in length.
Sunday, May 21st at 3 pm
Ensemble Alioni

Ensemble Alioni is a vocal ensemble founded in 2008 with the purpose of researching and sharing the ancient choral folk music traditions of the Republic of Georgia through performing and teaching. Ensemble Alioni has performed at the Chicago World Music Festival, the Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival, the Museum of Science and Industry's "Christmas Around the World" series, and for academic gatherings at DePaul University and the University of Chicago. Georgian polyphonic singing has been included by the United Nations on their World List of Intangible Masterpieces of Humanity. Alioni periodically hosts Georgian music parties and teaches songs, spreading awareness of these unique musical treasures. Visit Ensemble Alioni, learn more about us and hear song samples at .

Sunday, May 28th at 2 pm
Marianne Parker with Crossing Borders Music
Meditation and Passion: Uncovering Piano Masterworks of Haiti

Meditation and Passion: Uncovering Piano Masterworks of Haiti  will allow Chicagoans to discover Haitian piano music, a repertoire unknown to all but a handful of scholars for the last century. Pianist Marianne Parker will perform the program, bringing to life the fruits of decades of scholarly work. The program will include romantic and modernist works by Emile Desamours, Ludovic Lamothe (known as "Black Chopin"), Edmond Saintonge, and Carmen Brouard.

We hope to see you there!
Family Choir at 2U
The purpose of the Family Choir is to promote unity through music. We will perform unison music, and music with simple harmonies, which will allow voices of all abilities and ages to sing together. Every person is invited to sing in the Family Choir: Children do not have to have adults in order to sing, and adults don't have to have children to sing. The Family Choir will be singing two songs on May 28 for the RE worship service.  We will have 3 rehearsals, each for 15 minutes following worship on May 7, 14, and 21.
Amanda Thomas, Director of Music
What Holds Us Close; What Sets Us Free?
"Community." "Spirituality." "Social Justice." "Living Out 2U's Values." These are only a few comments members wrote on paper leaves and butterflies when Rev. Adam kicked off our 2017 Canvass with the theme "Roots Hold Us Close, Wings Set Us Free." He challenged us to think about what about 2U grounds us, and then be visionary about what the church can do to soar.

It's fitting that our canvass happens when new buds are forming on trees and the birds chirping herald a new, brighter day. While there are many times of the year that we are reminded of the church's impact in our lives, spring is when we are further compelled by the stewardship campaign to consider how our fiscal support keeps our community thriving.

When I think about how much to pledge each year, there are many things that cross my mind, including how much I connected with the messages coming from the pulpit, to what extent the church programming speaks to me, and how much the values bestowed through the social justice work align with my values. I am so proud, for example, to tell friends and co-workers that we help care for LGBTQ and homeless youth through our partnership with the Night Ministry and provide meeting space for faith communities like Masjid al-Rabia. In addition, it gives me great joy to talk to others about how 2U gives half of its weekly cash collections to local non-profits that reflect our covenant.

As you think about how much you will pledge to 2U this year, I ask that you consider how many "Yeses" you have as you answer these questions:

* Does the 2U covenant move you as you read and contemplate its meaning?

* Do you see reflections of the covenant in the inner-workings of 2U?

* When you leave church on Sunday, do you find yourself impacted by the music, readings, and sermon?

* When you are on your way home from church, do your children talk with enthusiasm about the stories/activities they participated in at Sunday School?

* Do you feel supported when you have had expressed pastoral needs?

* Do the church activities compel you to get involved?

When I read these questions my response is, "Yes, with great rejoicing!" This is why my wife Barb and I are making a commitment to increase our pledge for the 2017-18 church year by more than 15%. My hope is that this increased donation will help 2U reach its own goal of a 15% budget increase in order to, among other things, bring our minister closer to the mid-range of the Unitarian Universalist Association's recommended compensation, and to make an increased long-term commitment to the building and infrastructure needs.

If you have already made your 2017-2018 pledge, thank you! So far, we have raised $236,043.80 toward our goal of $250,000. We're off to a great start, but, there is still work to be done!

If you have not yet completed your pledge card, please connect with your canvasser or email the office as soon as possible. This is essential to giving the 2U Finance Committee time to prepare a budget that the 2U Board will present to the congregation for approval at our annual meeting on May 21.

Please join me in rejoicing for all the ways that 2U contributes to our lives, and give as generously as you can.

Allen Hailey, 2017 Canvass Team
From the Leadership Development and Nominating Committee
D o you feel  squeamish  about staying for coffee and fellowship after church on Sundays? Some of us have felt that way too.  Come talk with people who feel just like you--we want to be connected to folks at church, but feel just a bit shy.  Let's talk about it on Sunday, May 7 right after church (beginning at 11:45) in the Sanctuary.  That way we will be away from the noisy hubbub of the Palmer Room. We'll have some snacks and beverages too. Who are we? Sue Dunmore, Karen Fort, Kate Friedlob, and Jill Althage.
March to Springfield to Protest Budget Crisis
Illinois' budget crisis is destroying the pillars of our society  -- public education and our social safety net. That's why ONE Northside and Fair Economy Illinois are marching from Chicago to Springfield. We're marching to tell our state elected officials to do their job: pass an Illinois budget that puts people and the planet first! 

We have a bold vision for a budget that invests in communities throughout Illinois and invests in the health of our planet. If millionaires, big corporations, and the big banks paid their fair share in taxes, we would have more than enough money to fully fund the services and programs we need and deserve. 

Join us for the kick off event on May 15th at noon at the Thompson Center and the closing day of action on May 30th in Springfield.

Sign up here  < > to join us. Learn more about the march at  and on our  facebook page . Any other questions? Contact Hannah at

Can't make the march and want to help? You can donate here to help cover the cost of food for people on the march.

Thank you for your help.

Unitarian Universality Military Ministry Great Lakes
Dear Second Unitarian,
The Unitarian Universalist Military Ministry Great Lakes would like to thank you for your generous support during its Faithify campaign the month of April. Your donations helped us close the shortfall in the fiscal year 2017-2018 budget. Your contributions will pay for books for the recruits (Bless All Who Serve and Becoming) and ministerial expenses. Unitarian Universalist worship is held each Sunday at Great Lakes Naval Station Recruit Training Command. About 550 young adults attend our worship each year, most without any background in Unitarian Universalism. Donations are still welcome at
Wishing you blessings of gratitude,
Rev. Rudra Dundzila, Ministerial Coordinator, Unitarian Universalist Military Ministry Great Lakes
Second Unitarian's Community Minister
Do you enjoy being helpful, while getting to know others at 2U? The Pastoral Care Team at 2U provides two separate ministries, a  Listening Ministry and a  Practical Care Ministry .

The Listening Ministry

Volunteers for the listening ministry are partnered with a church member who is experiencing a stressful life transition or just would like someone to talk to; if you are interested in becoming a Listening Ministry partner, please contact Rev. Adam Robersmith at or 630-414-5340 for more information.

The Practical Care Ministry

The Practical Care Ministry provides hands-on assistance to 2U members and brings the satisfaction of feeling you've been useful. For example, members sometimes need rides to appointments or to church, emergency babysitting, light housekeeping, or help packing to move. 2U also has tradition of bringing meals to new parents and people recently discharged from the hospital.

Volunteering can be occasional and short term, or may be ongoing. The benefits of volunteering are getting to know church members on a deeper level as well as the satisfaction of helping someone in need.

For more information, please contact Bonnie Ewald ( or Nanna Cross ( ). Also, sign up at the What's Happening Table or fill out this online survey!
Latino Ministry Looking for Volunteers
The Latino Ministry*  is looking for a volunteer to help facilitate online spiritual connections and encounters of UU members of the international community (Including USA). This person is: 
  •       Interested in multicultural work (Excellent opportunity for resume building).
  •       100 % fluency in Spanish. 
  •       Comfortable with group facilitation.
  •       Experience and/or interest in community development. 
  •       Being able to volunteer 2 hours a week
  •       Being able to work with a team. 
  •       Comfortable using social media and online tools.
The Latino ministry is supported by the Church of the Larger Fellowship, the International Office of the UUA and the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists.
El Ministerio Latino esta buscando un voluntario para ayudar con la facilitación de conexiones espirituales y encuentros en línea de miembros de la comunidad UU internacional. (Incluyendo Estados Unidos).  Esta persona:
  •       Esta interesada en trabajo multicultural (una excelente oportunidad para construir hoja de vida).
  •       Tiene 100% de fluidez en español.
  •       Tiene experiencia facilitando grupos.
  •       Tiene experiencia y/o interés en desarrollo comunitario.
  •       Puede dedicarle dos horas semanales a este trabajo.
  •       Trabaja eficazmente en equipo.
  •       Sabe utilizar social media y herramientas de comunicación en línea.
* El ministerio latino es apoyado por el CLF (Church of the Larger Fellowship por sus siglas en Ingles, la Oficina Internacional de la Asociación Unitaria Universalista y el Consejo Internacional de Unitarios y  Universalistas. 

Rev. Jorge Espinel
MInisterio Latino.
* El Ministerio Latino es una alianza entre la Iglesia de la gran Comunidad, el Consejo Internacional de Unitarios/Universalistas y la oficina internacional de la Asociación Unitaria Universalista.
2U Member Survey
In an effort to get to know our congregants better, and to learn what motivates you to be a part of the 2U community, the Fundraising and Marketing committee is launching a survey. This survey asks basic demographic information about you and your household members (this information will be kept private), as well as questions regarding your training, work and volunteer involvement, and the activities that are of interest to you at Second Unitarian Church.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the survey - it will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
If you have any questions about the content of the survey, you may reach out to Susan Zeigler at
Choir Corner
Interested in singing and joining the 2U Choir? The 2U Choir meets on Thursday evenings from 7:15 to 8:45 in the sanctuary under the direction of our Director of Music, Amanda Thomas! All are welcome!

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Amanda at
Money Matters
What is our current financial condition? 
Our budget for this year is $303,451 or $5,836 per week!

Here is a summary of our current finances starting July 1 through March 31:

Actual Budgeted Over/Under Budget
Pledges $169,309
+ $6,384
New Pledges $815 $1,270
- $455
Collection Plate $10,877 $11,300
- $423
Special Gifts $14,570 $15,000
- $430
Fundraising $14,877 $14,000
+ $877
Space Sharing $28,030 $15,100
+ $12,930

If you have any questions about the budget or would like more information, please contact Andrew Zallar in the 2U office.

Collection Plate Sharing
In March, we raised $714.33 towards the collection plate sharing recipient, RefugeeOne.

Thank you all so much for helping to make 2U possible!
Introducing Breeze!
Have you heard about Breeze, 2U's new online church management software for members?

This new software enables 2U members to have access to our online member directory (with pictures!), update their contact information, check their contributions online and much more!

Have you had a chance to update your profile and add your photo yet?

By now, you should have received an email inviting you to create your account login. If not, please let me know!

You can access the database here

You can also now download the Breeze app at the Apple Store or Google Play Store by clicking here !

As always, please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions about this or anything else!

Thank you!

Andrew Zallar
Congregational Administrator
Do you love to shop? Do you love to support 2U? Well, now you can do both through AmazonSmile! 2U is now a supported charity on AmazonSmile. Click here to sign up and to learn more!
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