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Welcome to the January issue of the Arezza Network of Sustainable Communities  E-News Global Edition.  
January Issue Highlights
The Arezza Network - Local Editions
Museums Culture & Knowledge
Children and the Environment
I Wanna Tell You a Story
Local Knowledge - Global Reach
The Arezza Network - Local Editions

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Museums Culture & Knowledge

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Rome Coliseum  

 Rome Castles Museums and Archeological Sites


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Children and the Environment

 Dedicated to all children and their wonderful teachers; especially those from Newtown, Connecticut  

Amys Travels 

Environmental Literacy


A Hole at the Bottom of the Sea





I Wanna Tell You a Story

Visit The New Arezza Network Blog I Wanna Tell You A Story 



Present a true story, event or comment from your community

Local Knowledge - Global Reach
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The Arezza Network works with you and your community to develop

sustainable practices, culture and knowledge tourism, watershed and energy projects.

Arezza = Network


From the Italian word "rete"; the fisherman's net are symbolizes:

� individual effort and team work
� traditional skills and innovative solutions
� entrepreneurship and public-private partnerships, and
� economic development in respect for the environment


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