Arezza E-News  March, 2013    
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Welcome to the March issue of the Arezza Network of Sustainable Communities  E-News Global Edition.  
March Issue Highlights
Tourism + Environment
Sustainable Education + Training
Mediterranean Bio Products Fair
Local Knowledge - Global Reach
Tourism + Environment 

Tourism + Environment Management Applications 

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Tema works with you and your community to develop and manage sustainable practices and to market and manage cultural tourism, museum, agriculture, water resources and energy projects.    
Sustainable Education & Training 


Sustainable Education & Training   


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SET develops and implements training programs designed to:

o   Start new businesses
o   Help businesses adopt state of the art sustainability practices
o   Prepare students for the jobs market
o   Assist governments and non profit meet environmental standards
o   Develop and implement sustainable tourism capabilities
o   Create or upgrade your museum's sustainability plans

Mediterranean Bio Products Fair 



Your Sustainable Products & Services at Gaia

April 25-28 Bari, Italy


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Connect with Apulia to Participate

Local Knowledge - Global Reach
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The Arezza Network works with you and your community in 

culture and knowledge tourism, watershed and energy projects.

Arezza = Network


From the Italian "rete"; the fisherman's net symbolizes:

� individual effort and team work
� traditional skills and innovative solutions
� entrepreneurship and public-private partnerships, and
� economic development in respect for the environment


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