Today is the Big Day
Please consider taking part in today's Big Day of Giving and use the opportunity to support the Art League of Lincoln.  We are a nonprofit, charitable, volunteer organization committed to bringing the power of art to our community.

Our fun public art events such as Lincoln Clay Day that pay homage to the heritage of our city, our enriching gallery exhibits that celebrate all types of different artwork  from near and far and the artists that pour their hearts into that work, and our efforts to support art in public spaces and more are only possible with the financial support of people that care about how art benefits their community.

I know that many organizations ask for your donations today, please consider the importance of art along with the others.  Any donation amount is greatly appreciated and will add up to keep our paint bucket full so that we may continue to do our part and paint the world with art.

With gratitude to those who have already donated today and hope for more,

John Robeck
Executive Director
Art League of Lincoln
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