As I stepped into the elevator yesterday, a colleague said, "I cannot wait until September! I find it so hard for everyone to focus with the distraction of summer." I could relate to what he was saying because the spontaneity of "Fun in the Sun" and vacations can come at the cost of some of our rituals that keep us grounded and centered.
With the end of summer approaching, I find myself re-evaluating my rituals and re-committing to these centering practices despite the tease of time with family and friends to lure me away. I don't believe we have to live with an Either/Or mentality. I choose to approach life with the mindset of Both/And. For example, when I was away on holiday this summer, it would have been so easy for me to defer my meditation practice when I heard my family laughing downstairs. For a few moments, I almost gave in to FOMO - a term my kids recently taught me (Fear Of Missing Out). Yet, by choosing to stick to my meditation practice, I enjoyed our holidays immensely by remaining peaceful and centered amid the periodic chaos that accompanies vacationing with family.
In gearing up for the Fall, let's consciously choose to maintain the mindful habits we have established. We can have it all: time for our rituals and time for spontaneity and fun. When we stay focused and intentional we don't have to sacrifice one for the other. 

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Life happens, and . . . the best meditation apps on
the go

In the midst of stress (both trivial and significant), it is easy for us to either forget about our mindfulness / meditation practice completely, or to allow the stress to get the best of us. We tend to drop the things that keep us grounded and centered in everyday life.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind for me - I have been all over the place, both physically and mentally, and it has been incredibly difficult to maintain a mindset of centeredness and positivity...



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