September 2013 
The Art of Leadership


We are pleased announce that Professor Michael Tushman won two awards from the Academy of Management this year. We're thrilled for Mike, and honored to be the organization that applies his and Charles O'Reilly's research with leading companies globally.
For those of you who are trying to set up Explore Units, we have some key insights from Bruce Harreld's Harvard Business Review webinar  "How to Drive Risk out of Your Growth Initiatives". Harreld is a Harvard lecturer, former SVP of Strategy for IBM, and friend of Change Logic.


Change Logic Principal, Kristin von Donop, will be speaking at the Compliance and Ethics Institute in October.  Additionally, we highlight the lessons of a transformational leader, Ingrid Johnson. She is the Managing Executive for Retail and Business Banking for Nedbank in South Africa, and a former student of Mike Tushman.
Mike Tushman Wins AoM Lifetime Achievement Award and Best Paper of the Last Decade
Congrats, Mike!
Mike Tushman was the recipient of the Academy of Management's Distinguished Scholarly Contributions to Management Award and the Best Paper of the Decade Award (with co-author Marry J. Benner) for " Exploitation, Exploration, and Process Management: The Productivity Dilemma Revisited". Join us in congratulating Mike via twitter.

Bruce Harreld: How to Drive Risk Out of Growth
Bruce Harreld Webinar Insights
Former SVP of Strategy for IBM, Harvard lecturer, and friend of Change Logic, Bruce Harreld, recently lead a webinar to help leaders avoid six main pitfalls when starting Explore Units. We've compiled some key insights from the Q&A session, just in case you missed it. 
Kristin von Donop
Kristin von Donop at Compliance & Ethics Institute
On October 6th, Kristin von Donop, Principal at Change Logic, will be speaking about The Art & Science of Making a Code of Conduct Come to Life. She will share how she and her colleagues helped a global corporation create a culture where issues were raised and addressed before they got out of hand.

Transformational Leadership Lessons: Ingrid Johnson
Ingrid Johnson, Group Managing Director for Retail and Commercial Banking at Nedbank, and a former student of Professor Mike Tushman, offers some key lessons on leading transformation in her recent interview in

African Banker:


"One of my big lessons had been in the art of leadership, as opposed to management...if you come in and say 'I think this is the new strategic direction'--you're never going to get outright support, because people don't like change."


Read more about Nedbank and Ingrid Johnson's role in its transformation here.

If you are a senior leader who strives to be more effective at managing explore businesses while simultaneously maintaining the core business, don't hesitate to contact us and tell us about your business challenges. Alternatively, as we are constantly on the lookout for the best ways to lead organizations through periods of both growth and disruption, feel free to let us know about processes or tools you've used that have worked for you.

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