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December, 2014
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The Artichoke Effect



Many people have heard that the process of healing is like pealing an onion.  As superficial subluxations (any imbalance) are corrected, deeper ones will emerge or reveal themselves for future correction.  The reality is that the process of healing is more like an artichoke, as the healer peals away the layers of the artichoke, we get to the "heart" of the issue.  This is what I have based 37 years of the practice of healing upon.  It always proves out correct, although not all patients want to get to the heart of their issue.


Why wouldn't someone suffering want to get to the heart of the issue? From my experience of working on thousands of patients, I have come to the conclusion that there is only one reason.  Natural health care's purpose is to release stress, correct imbalances on whatever level it is found, create balance and harmony.  As this occurs people start expressing detox manifestations, emotional releases, experience old traumas, or come into a realization of a truth they have been ignoring, and that truth may require a major decision the person does not want to face.  The subconscious will do whatever it can to sabotage the wisdom of the body, which is to clear and heal.  Therefore, the resistance to natural healing is the war between the wisdom of the body and the subconscious/conscious mind.


The question is, where did this philosophical programming to resist the truth and true healing come from?  There has only been one source and that is a mechanistic/rationalist approach to symptoms which relies on intellectual theory to guide our care.  This is the basis of thought of medical care.  Medicine approaches symptoms as inherently bad and therefore they must be eliminated.  Medicine is therefore known as suppressive health care.  For that reason medical care does not elicit retracing, which is to bring up to the surface the past issues stored in the body, eventually getting to the heart of all the symptoms.  It literally does the opposite and prevents or interferes with the patient's natural healing ability.


Except for emergency medicine when needed, one needs to find a natural care practitioner that is not afraid of the symptoms and has the expertise and techniques essential to getting the information from the body that it wants to give.  


No one does it better than Wagner Holistic Clinic.    Our mission is to get to the root of every ailment or symptom so as to give the patient a freer, less stressful, and more fulfilling life.


Commit to a life of natural healing and even more importantly, bring your children so that they will grow up with the consciousness of looking deeper rather than ignoring or covering up the expression of the body and real self. 


My next article will describe how we do it and how the innate intelligence of the body can guide the natural care doctor. 



Dr. Edward D. Wagner DC

Wagner Holistic Center