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Issue: # 72Week Beginning 5/26/2013

               The B-I Triangle            

There is a huge gap in society when it comes to understanding the value of business systems and becoming an inside investor (selling shares). Both are key to creating great wealth.
The B-I Triangle, Part I
It Is The Business Foundation

This article is written from the ideas expressed in Robert Kiyosaki's book, Rich Dad's Guide To Investing. It is a very informative book that I recommend for your financial library. The B-I Triangle is a proven method to turn ideas into assets and manage multiple assets(businesses) under the same premise. A representation of the diagram in the book is seen below.


B-I Triangle 


The base of the triangle is the Mission of the business. It must be clear, concise and contagious throughout the organization. The mission must be designed to meet a customer's need. The mission also must contain a spiritual mission (to connect with customer and aid in the wellbeing of others) and have a business mission (to be profitable and beneficial to all involved). "The mission of a business is a reflection of the spirit of the Entrepreneur."


The left side of the triangle is Team. The reason why most businesses fail is the absence of team. A team is made up of accountants, lawyers, marketing, sales, bankers, investors, etc. They are specialists in their fields and advisors assisting in skill and/or knowledge to move a business forward in the most productive and sustainable way possible.


The right side of the triangle is Leadership. Having the right leadership in place conveys trust. It is the ability to lead others while remain focused on objective at hand. It is the willingness to take in feedback or determine market conditions and make the proper adjustments. Leadership is like having a captain of a ship moving all aboard toward a set destination (a proposed goal).


Money flows to the business who is in business for the right reason (having
a strong mission), which is focusing on meeting the needs of the customer vs. being in business to make money only. Funding follows the integrity and character of leadership who is surrounded by a team of experience and skill to carry out the business mission at hand.  Encircle an idea with these
fundamentals and anyone can be well on their way to developing an asset (a successful business). Next week, we will continue the B-I Triangle to include the five building blocks.


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The B-I Triangle, Part I
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