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Spirituality and Practice E-Course
Creativity course
Starts Monday, June 4! Please join us June 4 - 29, 2018
 Julia Riley , CSL and Anne Boynton , CSL are your guides for a hands-on adventure to explore your creative potential. With them discover creative opportunities that inspire a sacred shift moving the ordinary to the extraordinary, one moment at a time.
Creativity as a Contemplative Practice, Moving from Worry to Wonder, Practices to Spark Your Creativity, Creative Play , and Creativity in Community  are some of the session topics which will support your vision for creativity in your life.
For information and to register, click... HERE
Sage-ing International and Spirituality & Practice in collaborative
c o-sponsorship bring you this fifth Sage-ing e-course in the Elder Spirituality series. You will receive 12 emails sent on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 4 weeks. An online Practice Circle is available 24/7 to share with fellow participants worldwide making this a vibrant interactive forum.
Upcoming Global Webinars
Sage-ing International (SI) presents live monthly webinars on SI's core topics and other conscious eldering themes. They can be viewed on any internet-connected device.
Spring-Summer Webinar Series : Elders Transforming the World
Enjoy a taste of the energy you will find at the Sage-ing International 2018 Global Conference, October 2018. Conference keynote speakers introduce themselves in a series of webinars from now to October.
Wednesday - June 13, 2018
YeYe Luisah Teish presents on the theme of " Pleasures and Perils of the Elegant Elder ". Luisah's popul ar book is titled "Jambalaya: The Natural Woman's Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals".
For more information or to register, click ... HERE.
Wednesday - June 27, 2018
Richard Leider is a life coach and best-selling author, focused on equipping Elders to discover purpose, meaning, and energy for living during the second half of life. His webinar topic is "Unlocking the Power of Purpose."
For more information or to register, click ... HERE.
Upcoming Live Sage-ing Events
"Awakening the Sage Within" ...the ASW is a highly-interactive entry-level event in a 1-day format or series of short sessions, introducing the Sage-ing International (SI) core topics: images of aging, life review, forgiveness, mortality, spirituality, legacy-leaving, service...    
Scarborough, Maine - June 2, 2018
Anne Murray CSL, MS our facilitator brings her considerable experience with elders to this day long Sage-ing event. She enjoys sharing her light-hearted passion for living consciously and looks forward to helping you engage in Sage-ing.
For information and registration, click ... HERE.
Tacoma, Washington - June 9, 2018
Marilyn Loy Every , DMin, CSL author of several books on the inner sage, brings her rich experience in spiritual direction, affirmative aging guidance and life visioning to facilitate this day long event at Catherine Place. Space is limited, prompt registration is advised.
For more information and registration, click ... HERE.
Marilyn Loy Every
Katonah, New York - June 9, 2018
Jerome Kerner , CSL , Co-chair of Sage-ing International facilitates this event, and shares the purpose, passion and meaning he has discovered through Sage-ing work.
 For more information and to register, click ... HERE .
Minneapolis, Minnesota - September 15, 2018
Karen West , MA, CSL a lifelong educator and seeker, found her post-retirement passion in Sage-ing and conscious aging. She offers this event at the Compassionate Ocean Zen Center.
For more information and registration, click ... HERE.
" Deepening the Sage Within " a 2-3 day intensive workshop diving into SI core themes (images of aging, life review, forgiveness, mortality, leaving a legacy, service); we harvest our life experience, leading to further growth. 
Bellevue, Washington - June 22-24,2018
Peace and Spirituality Center
"How do you want to be as you grow old ?"
Pat Lewis , CSL and Rees Robinson , CSL
co-facilitators provide a guided process for finding nuanced answers. Join them for this Deepening the Sage Within event. Registration closed - wait list only.
For more information, click ... HERE.
Sage-ing Partner Events
"Who are Sage-ing Partners?"
...fellow conscious eldering organizations that share our vision of aging as a time of life characterized by growth, contribution and fulfillment. Upcoming programs of interest...
The Center for Conscious Eldering
August 6-10, 2018 Rhinebeck, New York
"Embracing Your Conscious Elderhood" Join Ron Pevny , founding Director of the Center for Conscious Elderhood for his new five-day workshop offered at the Omega Institute where over 25 years ago Reb Zalman (with Ram Dass and others) started the conscious aging movement. This highly experiential workshop explores five key elements to fulfilling our potential as elders. The three stage dynamic of the life transition process weaves togeth er these elements into an empowering vision of elderhood for these critical times.
For information and to register, click... HERE .
October 7-13, 2018 - Ghost Ranch, New Mexico
"Choosing Conscious Elderhood" a weeklong retreat designed to help participants deepen their vision of conscious elderhood. The 15 th such retreat held at the magnificent Ghost Ranch, New Mexico and co-sponsored by Sage-ing International is co-led by Ron Pevny, Certified Sage-ing Leader , author of Conscious Living, Conscious Aging and long-time Sage-ing International member Anne Wennhold .
For information and to register, click ... HERE .
Conscious Elders Network
June 6 - July 25, 2018 - On line
"The Empowered Elder: Foundation Workshop"
CEN is a movement of vital elders dedicated to growing in consciousness while actively addressing the vital issues of our time. This seven-session, online workshop examines the basic tenets of CEN and invites a shift from individual self to global self and from "aging older" to "empowered Elder."
For information and registration, click ... HERE
Announcements & Contacts
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