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Welcome aboard the final run of the SBS4DCC Backshop Flyer for 2017.

Winter is upon us and it's a frigid 13 degrees in central Indiana today.  Brrrrrrrrrr!

Before I forget... Happy New Year!  2018 is going to be a good year.  I wish only the best for yours.

I keep adding TONS OF NEW STUFF to the store so if you haven't had a look around lately, I invite you to grab a hot cup of coco and have a look around!

The days may be short but this internet store's hours are always long... 24-7-365.  Shop at YOUR convenience.

Be sure to check out the Tutorials, Tips and Tricks section of the website.  I continue to add volumes of information about different subjects I think you might find valuable.

I want to encourage anyone with an ounce of interest one last time to have a close look at the latest offing from OpSIG Publications - A Compendium Of Model Railroad Operations - From Design To Implementation.  I realize realistic operations are not for everyone, however, for me the concept of simulating operations really brings the railroad together and serves as the purpose for building the layout, for all of the trains, and for all of the DCC hardware and decoder installations.

It is the IT in model railroading.  

I encourage you to ask someone in your local NMRA chapter about local operating sessions and try it out... just once.  My only regret is I never have enough time to Op more.  You can find out more by visiting the OpSIG webite as well.

Stop Running Trains.  Start Model Railroading!

Bryan Vianco
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Featured Product

ESU 50310 CabControl DCC Command Station w/ 7A Power Supply

ESU has released the ESU 50310 CabControl DCC Command Station w/ 7A Power Supply.  Exceptional design.  Exceptional features.  Exceptional price.

The  ESU 50310 CabControl DCC Command Station w/ 7A Power Supply provides more or less the same features and functionality as the premium model  ESU 50210 ECoS 2.1 Central Unit DCC Command Station w/ 6A Power Supply.

The basic differences between the two systems are:


SBS4DCC "Sugar Cube" N Cab Roof Speakers

Streamlined Backshop is pleased to offer the latest addition to our extensive line of "Sugar Cube" Speakers, the most popular speaker for use in DCC sound installations on the market today.  Introducing the...

Developed in HO Scale at the request of an SBS4DCC patron and originally intended for use in the cab of tough HO Scale steam installs, the new N Scale Cab Roof models will contour the roof line of popular N Scale diesel installs like Kato E units And InterMountain F units providing even better N Scale sound.

These new options are offered in all four speaker sizes so the possibilities are endless.

SBS4DCC "Sugar Cube" Speaker Sound Chamber (No Speaker)

Streamlined Backshop offers the most extensive selection of  "Sugar Cube" Speakers on the market today.  I work directly with the manufacturer to offer only high quality Knowles speakers with SBS4DCC "Sugar Cube" Speaker products but realize there are about a billion types of P.E.D.'s and as such about a billion different types of speakers.  Some folks choose to go to the open market for their speaker bodies.

Did you know you can get the  Streamlined Backshop Sound Chamber too...

Always (well almost always...) in stock and ready to ship...

Adding New Clearnace Items Daily

Sometimes you just gotta move on.

For whatever reason, some items just don't sell well here at SBS4DCC.  My loss is your gain.  I have been adding new items to the Clearance Aisle daily.  Be sure to check the great deals.  But... once they are gone they are gone.  Selection is limited to items and quantities on hand.


Digitrax DCC PR4 USB to LocoNet Interface with SoundFX Decoder Programmer

The new Digitrax DCC PR4 USB to LocoNet Interface with SoundFX Decoder Programmer makes decoder programming and interfacing your layout and computer easier than ever. 

The PR4 seamlessly switches between computer interface and decoder programming modes automatically without having to press any buttons. 

The PR4 is electrically isolated between USB and LocoNet for added stability and protection. 

Packaged in a smaller footprint the PR4 offers all the same great features as the PR3 it replaces.

Order one now from Streamlined Backshop!

Digitrax DCC PS2012E 20 Amp DCC Power Supply - 13.8-23VDC

The new Digitrax DCC PS2012E 20 Amp DCC Power Supply replaces the PS2012 to meet new efficiency requirements for DC power supplies.

It delivers more power with less heat for more efficient operation.

The 20 amp PS2012E regulated power supply can be used to operate up to 4 five amp boosters.

Digitrax DN166I3 Series 6 DCC Decoder

The new Digitrax DN166I3 Series 6 DCC Decoder fits the New InterMountain N Scale SD40-2 released 2017.

ESU LokSound

Great New ESU 73100 and 73199 Select Direct Micro

The much anticipated  ESU LokSound Select Direct Micro is now available from  Streamlined Backshop.

I have created a page in Tutorials, Tips & Tricks to cover this product...

I am asked repeatedly what I think and what it will fit.  We are still trying to sort out all of the direct drop-in models.  I will continually update this page with my notes as I go along.

Keep in mind, you will still have to make some provision for a speaker or compromise in sound volume and quality in nearly any drop-in installation.  I just don't see how there will ever be a way to avoid that when working with older models that were not designed for sound so the concept of drop-in is always relative to that challenge.

Here is what I see.  The original 73800 Select Micro is a great product but it is thick and wide relatively speaking which is problematic for use in a narrow hood diesel.  Even if the new 73100/73199 Select Direct Micro is not a true drop-in fit to the frame you are working on, this is still a better choice for sound than we have ever had because it is thin and narrow.  It can still be hardwired when needed.

Great N Scale sound installations are all about cubic millimeters.  Period.  This new product solves a challenge we have faced for a very long time.  It's thin and it's narrow.  Now frame modifications are relatively easy (easier?).

Shave the top of the frame flat for maximum clearance to the decoder.  Cut as much material off the porch above the rear truck gear tower as possible to make room for the largest sugar cube speaker you can fit.  Hardwire frame power and motor leads then make provisions for lighting as desired.

I will add a sample installation page demonstrating my technique to the website soon enough but you get the idea.

Ya know... I bet one of these would make the dreaded Kato HO NW2 or Walthers SW1 switcher sound installation easy as cake too.

Be sure to get one of these great new decoders and a  SBS4DCC Sugar Cube Speaker today to sound out you fleet of modern  N Scale diesels...

Oh... by the way... you might check out my selection  of modern  N Scale diesels ...

ESU LokPilot Nano Standard NMRA DCC Decoder 

Maybe you noticed I had to zoom in on this tiny new decoder from ESU.

The new ESU LokPilot Nano's are here and they are the new sub-micro leader for motor decoders.

Available in four formats, this new decoder is small enough for Z Scale but powerful enough to drive a HO Scale switcher with ease.

New ESU "Full Throttle" Sound Files

Huh... this is just the list on new ESU Select Full Throttle sound files since the last edition of the Backshop Flyer in August!

The full library can be found HERE.

73486 - D&RGW K-27 463 (FT)
75461 - Dual EMD 12c 567 E-Unit (FT)
75457 - EMD 16cyl 710G3B SD60E (FT)
73430 - EMD 16cyl 645E3B W/HEP (FT)
75447 - GE 16cyl 7FDL C39-8 (FT)
73496 - EMD 20cyl 710G3B-ES (FT)
75466 - GE 16cyl FDL Early V3(FT)
75446 - EMD 16cyl 567B (FT)
75442 - EMD 16cyl 645BC GP16 (FT)
75436 - New Orleans Trolley
73480 - Baldwin 608A (FT)
73412 - Galloping Goose
75445 - ALCO 12cyl 251C C420 V2 (FT)
75465 - EMD 16cyl 645E3 V5 (FT)
75427 - GE 12cyl 7FDL Dash-7 V2(FT)
75437 - SP 4-8-4 GS-4 4449 (FT)
75438 - GE ET44AC Tier4 GEVO V2 (FT)
75439 - Goodwin/Alco 12cyl 244 (FT)
75440 - Hunslet 2-6-0 Z27 Class (FT)
75441 - GMD 12cyl 645C (FT)
75420 - EMD 16cyl 710G3B (FT)
73490 - UP 4-8-4 FEF (FT)
73456 - UP Challenger 4-6-6-4 (FT)
73495 - EMD/ASEA AEM-7/ALP-44(FT)
75429 - MLW 16cyl 251E (FT)
75435 - GE ET44C4 Tier 4 GEVO (FT)
75434 - GE 16cyl 7FDL Early V2(FT)
75433 - EMD 12cyl 645E V2 (FT)
75428 - GE 7FDL16AE (FT)
75424 - CAT Powered 3608 (FT)
75419 - GE 16cyl 7FDL Modern (FT)

Order any ESU LokSound Sound Decoder and Streamlined Backshop will load your requested file at no charge.  Honestly... the hardest part of buying a ESU LokSound Sound Decoder is deciding which great sound to choose!

Can you imagine what this list will look like in 2018?  It's gonna be a good year...

Good Deals DCC

Good Deals DCC The Programmer Test Track - HO Scale Compact Test Track w/ Adjustment Tools

The new Good Deals DCC TT-1m Compact Mini HO Test Track is a portable test track on a 24" solid PVC Platform. Two electrical connectors for programming or running locomotives.  

The TT-1m includes a Bubble Level with an eye bolt leveling screw for testing rolling characteristics, a  mounted Kadee Coupler Guage and Rerailer, a s oft bumper on one end, and is a vailable with code 83 or 100 rail.

Good Deals DCC The Programmer Test Track - 2 Rail O Scale Extended Length Test Track

The new Good Deals DCC The Programmer Test Track - 2 Rail O Scale Extended Length Test Track is a portable  O Scale Test Track constructed on 2 non warping PVC platforms using Micro Engineering code 100 track making a total length of 6 feet.

The XL models consist of two 3-foot sections with a custom clamp connector included for a solid base.

Wired connectors, soldered rails and a removable end cap is provided for single platform use and s oft non-marring padded feet.


Roco 10815 smartRail Rolling Track Display Stand with z21 Controller

smartRail - driving fun on the spot!

This innovation sets the model world in motion! Acceleration, braking, light, signals, sound - the new generation smartRail offers the full driving experience on a high-quality rolling track bed.

Whether in the office or at home, you can enjoy the functionality, uncompromising fidelity to the original and precision of your locos from close up, whenever and wherever you want.

Any H0 locos with lengths up to approx. 120 to 305 mm can drive on the smartRail, which supports both DCC and Motorola protocols.

In addition to operation with the function touch keys, control is also possible via your smart phone or Tablet PC thanks to the Roco Z21 functions integrated in the smartRail.

Grab yourself some on-the-spot driving fun now - with the smartRail exclusive sets from Roco!


SoundTraxx Tsunami2 Software Version 1.2 Update

SoundTraxx has released the  Tsunami2 Software Version 1.2 Update.

HERE is a brief video demonstrating the new features.

New Software Version 1.2 Diesel Features:
  • Prime Mover Pitch Shift
  • Auxiliary HEP Generator
  • Straight-to-Idle
  • True-Idle
  • Prime Electronic Bell
  • Leslie S3LR & RS3K Airhorns
  • Electronic Air Dryer
New Tier 4 Specific Features:
  • GEVO G12 Tier 4 Prime Mover Sounds
  • Updated GE Dynamic Braking Effects
New GenSet Specific Features:
  • Cummins QSK19C x 3 Prime Mover Sounds
  • Individual polyphonic sound channels for all 3 prime movers
  • Unique volume & alternate mixer controls for each prime mover
  • Correct Blower Motor Fan Sounds
  • Dynamic Braking supported for "GenSet II" type locomotives
New GTEL Specific Features:
  • GE GTEL UP "Slab-side" sounds
  • GE GTEL UP "Veranda" sounds
  • GE GTEL UP "Big Blow" sounds (A & B units)
  • Cooper-Bessemer hostler motor for the "Big-Blow" A unit
  • Industry exclusive "backfire" sound effect
  • Manually start/stop the Turbine engine with a function key
  • Turbine Timeout Feature
  • Speed Limiting Features
Diesel Features:

Tsunami2 diesel sound decoders are full of new features including over 50 sound effects including engine startup and shutdown, engine prime mover through all eight notches, Straight-to-8, HEP mode, 13 bells, over 40 airhorns, 4 air compressors, dynamic brakes, radiator fans, brake squeal, and more!
  • Each diesel version (EMD, GE, etc.) contains up to 9 manufacturer specific prime movers (Turbo, Non-turbo, etc.)
  • First ever Diesel Dynamic Digital Exhaust (DDE) for a more authentic operating experience
  • Startup, shutdown and exhaust through 8 notches
  • Automatic or manual notching
  • Functioning dynamic brake with variable load sound and adjustable braking rate
  • Over 40 air horns
  • Selectable compressors, bells, and couplers
  • First ever Fireman Ed is ready to work on the locomotive, with general service, cab sounds and more!
  • Clickety-clack, fueling, and authentic cab chatter add realism
  • Prototypically correct HEP modes and steam heat for authentic passenger train operations

SoundTraxx Econami UK Sound Decoders just for the UK Modeller!

SoundTraxx in troduces the best value and most accurate new UK sound decoders on the market for both steam and diesel locomotives. These budget-friendly solutions pack a big punch and are being sold and marketed exclusively in your part of the world!

This UK specific Econami line includes 3 initial formats: the ECO-100, ECO-200, and ECO-21PNEM. These new decoders are equipped with several UK-specific features and totally new sound sets, these decoders create the experience UK Modellers have been asking for!

These decoders contain the same great features found in the Econami U.S. line including:
  • High quality sound
  • 40+ sound effects
  • Up to 6 lighting outputs
  • 7-Band Equalizer
  • 20+ Hyperlight effects
  • Hyperdrive2 advanced motor control
  • Shunting function
  • Flex-Map function mapping
  • DC and DCC operation

Steam Sound Effects

Steam Sound effects include 5 unique UK specific exhaust chuffs that can be set to 2 cylinder, 3 cylinder, and articulated. This powerful decoder is packed with 16 never before released whistles for both shunting and road work, vacuum pumps and air compressors, cylinder cocks, blowdown, blower, buffer plates, guard whistle with coach doors, brake squeal and more!

Diesel Sound Effects

Diesel Sound effects include 6 engine selections (English Electric Class 20, Brush Traction Class 31, English Electric Class 37, Brush Traction Class 47, Alstom Class 66/67 EMD 710, and BR Derby Class "Lightweight" DMU), 9 unique high/low airhorns, 2 air compressors, Startup/Shutdown, Spirax Valve, Shunting mode, guard whistle with coach doors, brake squeal and more!

New SoundTraxx Accessories

SoundTraxx has added several new items to their complete line of installation accessories including:

The new items help make decoder installations easier and better than ever!

TCS - Train Control Systems

TCS AS series Motherboard Adapter Boards

Train Control Systems has added two new models to their extensive line of adapter boards.

The new AS-MB2 and AS-MB2-NC motherboard is designed to replace the original lighting board in Atlas and Kato Diesel locomotives.  Included on this motherboard is a KA2 Keep-Alive for smooth operation over troublesome tracks.  Pair with a WOW121 for unparalleled sound and interruption free performance.

Of course the new motherboards are in stock and ready to ship at  Streamlined Backshop.

TCS 1653 21-HW - 21MTC Adapter Board (5-pk)

This is a noteworthy new product.

Many of you have read my page about  The Infamous 21MTC Interface Connector and frequently as what works with what.

This new board should work with any 21MTC decoder because of its size.  Now there is an option... No on-board KA but it is an option...

TCS 2015 K0D8-F DCC Decoder for Kato FP7A

Train Control Systems has released the new  TCS 2015 K0D8-F DCC Decoder for Kato FP7A for use with the fantastic new Kato Olympian Hiawatha FP7A .

Note... the TCS 1339 K0D8-D DCC Decoder is still the best choice for the Kato Olympian Hiawatha F7B included with this set.

TCS LCC Command Station and Throttle

Train Control Systems has officially announced their new C ommand Station and Throttle that is in developement.
Just SOME of the exciting features include:
  • Fully WiFi Throttle and Command Station
  • The FIRST fully LCC compatible Command Station
  • Ergonomic, slim throttle for all hand sizes
  • 8 Remappable buttons for customized operation
  • Leveraging state of the art technology from more advanced industries
I will post more info on the new system as it becomes available...

Flag Stop...

What YOU See Is What I Have

Welcome to SBS4DCC ...

Real-Time Stock Status  Reporting


SBS4DCC Products

SBS4DCC "Sugar Cube" Speakers

... the SWEETEST speaker available today!

4 Sizes ... 16 Baffles

64 Sweet  S peaker Options  


SBS4DCC Wheel and Axle Wipers

... Add Power Pickup to your models

Z, N, and HO Scale versions

Wheel and Axle Wipers

DCC Tools

Good Deals DCC "The Programmer" Test And Programming Track

Perfect for clubs, modulars, or workbenches, the  Good Deals DCC "The Programmer" is a portable, durable, convenient testing and programming track.  It is available in nearly every scale from N to O as well as combination scales for those who love trains of all sizes.

Custom designed units are also available.

Model Railroad Technologies Accutrack II Train Speedometer

The MRT Accutrak II Speedometer is a free standing, battery operated scale speedometer.

MRT Accutrak II Features:

Ideal for DCC speed matching DCC

Operates on 2 AAA batteries

Scale Selectable - N (1:148 and 1:160) or OO/HO (1:76.4 and 1:87)

Display in mph or kph

DCC Specialties RRampMeter 
DCC Amp/Volt Meter

The RRampMeter is a multimeter designed to accurately measure the  voltage and amperage output of DCC command stations.

The RRampMeter is used to:
  • Measure locomotive stall current
  • Report command station or booster  voltage and amperage consumption
  • Troubleshoot electrical problems
  • Create and edit custom sound file
Available in 4 models. 

ZIMO MXTAPS DCC Decoder Test and Connector Board

  The ZIMO MXTAPS is a stand-alone DCC Decoder Test Station compatible with any brand of decoder or command station.

Quick Terminal
Next18 NEM661
6-Pin NEM651
8-Pin NEM652
PluX NEM658
21MTC NEM660

15 Function LEDs
5-pole Motor
13x18mm Speaker

Large scale MXTAPV version also available

ESU 53900 LokTester V2.0 DCC Decoder Test Station

The ESU LokTester is a stand-alone DCC Decoder Test Station compatible with any brand of decoder or command station.

Screw Terminal
Next18 NEM661
6-Pin NEM651
8-Pin NEM652
PluX NEM658
21MTC NEM660

6 Function LEDs
5-pole Motor
20mm Speaker

L and XL Expansion Module also available

ZIMO MXULFA Decoder Update
Module with LCD Display

The ZIMO MXULFA Decoder Update Module is a communication device to connect your decoder to a PC to simplify programming and to facilitate firmware and sound file updates..

The ZIMO MXULFA is ude to:
Works only with  ZIMO products .

ESU 53452 LokProgrammer Set

The ESU LokProgrammer Set is a communication device to connect your decoder to a PC to simplify programming and to facilitate firmware and sound file updates.

The ESU LokProgrammer is used to:
  • Update decoder firmware
  • Edit CVs on any ESU product
  • Load downloadable sound files
  • Create and edit custom sound file
  • Test Decoder Installations
Works only with ESU products


And don't forget I carry a fantastic selection of DCC products from all of the
best manufacturers including Digitrax, DCC Specialties,
Visit SBS4DCC today!

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