"Nothin' hits the spot like a hamburger!"
Lulu Frazee

The Barbecue 
Aunt Mary and Uncle Jack lived in La Canada, near Pasadena. Aunt Dolores and Uncle John lived right behind them one street over. And when we were kids, we would "hop the fence" between their yards. Uncle Jack liked to barbecue. And one summer evening, he was grilling hamburgers for everyone. The whole family was there enjoying themselves, including my grandmother, Nonie. The food and fixings were laid out, macaroni and potato salad, baked beans, all the good stuff you have at a barbecue.

Uncle Jack called everyone over when the burgers were ready. They went to the table and helped themselves to the salads and sides and put their burgers together. Once everyone was seated, Nonie, enjoying her dinner, said, "Nothin' hits the spot like a hamburger!" She even complimented Uncle Jack on his cooking.

A few moments later, Uncle Jack, who was still at the grill, noticed that there was one burger left. That seemed odd, so he asked if everyone had been served. That's when Nonie noticed that, while helping herself to the bun, lettuce, tomato and onion, pickles, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, she'd left out one item...the burger!

Everyone got a big kick out of that, including Nonie, who had a great sense of humor. And for years afterward, whenever we would have a family barbecue, someone would always call out, "Nothin' hits the spot like a hamburger!"
- Hank Frazee, Author of  Referral Upgrade   and  Before We Say "Goodnight"
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